Fuzzable Blogs: April 23 – Where one book closes…

This weekend marked another successful convention celebrating the television series Once Upon a Time. I am extremely fortunate to have been able to attend the Chicago-based convention (abbreviated to OUATCHI because of the show and convention’s location) for the third year in a row this weekend, and it was made even more memorable by its status as the farewell tour due to the series ending next month.

A group photo from a private meet and greet with Andrew J. West. 

Despite the occasional grumpiness on my part (rooted in tiredness – caffeine helped remarkably), the weekend went off without a hitch. I attended with my mother, which was nice because I hadn’t seen her much since Christmas. Because this was our third year going, one of my favorite aspects of our annual trip has been making playlists, sharing the new music I’ve been listening to with her, and all-out jamming on the way back and forth from Ohio to Chicago (the drive is a little over four hours, but it flies by).

Once again this year, the cast of the series was kind, sweet, and welcoming. They show that the message of love presented on the screen transcends into real life. They are generous with their time and make sure fans of the series know they are appreciated. Oppositely, it is always a treat to be able to tell the actors, the artists, how much they have inspired you throughout the show’s run and how much they will continue to mean to you after the series comes to a close in just 4 weeks.

One unique aspect this year compared to the last two years was the timing of the episode that aired this weekend. The episode two years ago aired Sunday night after the convention ended, and the season last year was already over when the convention came around. This year, however, the episode aired on Friday night in the midst of the convention and added to the excitement of it all.

Overall, this weekend proved to be a spectacular celebration of everything Once Upon a Time. Hope and love wafted in the air each day, and luck appeared to be present as well as my mother won one round of the yes/no trivia contest! With only 4 episodes remaining of the series, the convention was a perfect reminder to always have hope. With both the show and the conventions coming to an end, I’m nervous and excited to see how the spirit of the show will live on.

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Written by Preston Smith

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