Fuzzable Blogs: January 23 – 5 films I’m looking forward to in 2019

When thinking about what to blog about this month, I was completely lost until I realized how many films I’m looking forward to seeing this year. With so many amazing ones being released in 2019, I have narrowed my list down to five movies that I am the most excited for. Without further ado, here are these five films:

1. Avengers: Endgame

This should be no surprise, especially when considering how highly I praised Avengers: Infinity War after its release last year. Endgame promises to be just as good, if not better, than Infinity War, and I can’t wait to see how it unfolds – especially with more characters in it (Ant-Man and Wasp, for example).

2. Aladdin

Disney is releasing live-action versions of numerous movies this year, but the one I’m most excited for is easily Aladdin. I’ve loved the original animated version since I was a child, so even if it’s nostalgia-fueled, this is why I’m so excited for live-action Aladdin!

3. Captain Marvel

Marvel’s quality increases each and every year, and Captain Marvel looks to be continuing that trend. Taking place in the ’90s, this film will hopefully shed more light on the earlier parts of the MCU – and I hope there will be hints as to how she can help in Endgame.

4. Frozen 2

This may seem premature as there is no trailer currently released for this film, but I loved the first Frozen movie so much that I cannot wait for its sequel. I cannot wait to see what sort of adventure awaits Elsa, Anna, and Kristoff (I also just love Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel as actresses a lot). This film is set for a November release, and I hope this sequel also means that Moana will get a sequel.

5. Spider-Man: Far From Home

Marvel’s third installment in this list, Spider-Man: Far From Home looks to be even more epic that in its predecessor, Homecoming. The budding relationship between Peter and Michelle seems to take the stage and have a stronger presence in this film, and the addition of Mysterio is interesting to say the least. Will he actually be good or evil? I guess we have to wait until this summer to find out!

Now that I’ve written this, I can tell better than ever that I am a huge sucker for Disney, with all 5 films being owned in some part by the company… I guess they know how to make brilliant films!

Which of these movies are you most looking forward to? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your film-related opinions!

Written by Preston Smith

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