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A Few More Things To Do With Blank Notebooks

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What Can I Do With My Blank Notebooks?

A few months ago we answered that question with 9 different things you could do with those blank notebooks you have lying around the house. Now we are bringing you a few more ideas to fill your notebooks up with.

We recommend finding journals that relate to the theme you are using them for. Travel journal? Find a journal decorated with things from a certain country. Music journal? Find a journal with music notes on the front. You don’t have to do this, but we find it helpful (and cute).

Dream Journal

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This journal will be dedicated to writing down your dreams. We often forget our dreams, so writing them down first thing in the morning is a nice way for you to remember them and maybe look up what they mean. It could even spark a fictional book idea.

Travel Journal


Record your travels in a journal. Record every single day or just a summary of your trip at the end. It’s really up to you. The journal is yours, make it how YOU want it. You could also include ticket stubs from your trip and anything else you can glue into your journal that will help you remember your trip.


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Reviewing movies, songs, or anything else can really help you improve your writing skills. It may even help you land a job in journalism. (You can start that journey by writing for us, or our sister site CelebMix!)


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This journal could be used to jot down any ideas you have for outfits. You could even draw little sketches of new clothes you would love to have. Make this journal yours. Add colors, leave it monochromatic, it’s really up to you!


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Make a journal solely dedicated to playlists. It may just be small playlist you have in the back of your mind, but writing things down is always nice for helping you remember your ideas later.

Here are a few playlist ideas:

  • Rainy Day
  • Sleep
  • The Old & the New, but Mainly the Old
  • Genre-Based Playlists
  • Studying Playlist
  • Chill & Trendy
  • Wake Up/Morning
  • Road Trip
  • Dancing in the Kitchen
  • Spring Cleaning
  • Motivation
  • Killing the Blues
  • Inspired By…

Current Events

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There are always things going on in the world. Use a journal to document a major event that happened. Don’t forget to include things like the date, where it happened, how long the event was, and other things like that. You can read the journal again in a few years and see what was going on in the world.

Creative Writing

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Creative writing is something else that could help you break out into the world of journalism. Use this notebook to jot down any story ideas you have and then expand on those ideas later. Don’t be afraid to pitch your creative writing ideas and see if you can get a book deal.


Image via Glenn Carstens-Peters

Make a list of all of the things you want in life. That could be a physical thing such a new camera or a new record, or it can be things like being happy. Add a box in front of all of those things and fill it in/cross it out when you have truly gotten the thing you want.

Vision Boards

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Print/doodle pictures in your journal. Make each spread (two pages that are next to each other when the journal is laid flat) revolve around one central theme. Keep decorating your pages until they are full and let your creative mind go wild. Think of it as a physical Pinterest board.

Writing Practice

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And for our last idea, simply use the journal for writing practice. Practice your calligraphy or other types of handwriting on the page. Practice makes perfect when it comes to these things. Rip out pages if you need to.


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