Best Gift-giving Tips For Every Occasion

There is something really fascinating about gifts. Maybe it’s the aesthetic appeal of ribbons, maybe it’s the mystery behind carefully wrapped presents, maybe it’s gratitude and appreciation that overflows from them. Whatever it is, gifts are always fun to receive because it shows to the receiver that he or she is valued and loved.

It is said that the practice of gift-giving is one of the oldest human activities that dates back even before prehistoric times. As social beings, humans have found ways to connect and to show appreciation to one another and that, among others, include the giving of gifts. The psychology behind gift-giving is simple: altruism. It feels good to give, especially to the ones you cherish. 

There are many occasions when gift-giving has become a tradition: Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter, New Year’s, and of course, birthdays. It is important to know the ins and outs of gift-giving in order to become a more effective, efficient and exciting gift giver. In this article, you will find some of the best gift-giving tips for every occasion. Read on to learn more and don’t forget to take mental notes!

1) Plan (or Buy) Your Gift Ahead of Time

There are many advantages to planning your gift ahead. One is that you won’t have to deal with the “out of stock” phenomenon which more likely happens during holiday seasons when everyone is doing their gift shopping. Another advantage is that it can save you more money. This is because the prices of goods increase as the holiday seasons approach. Supply and demand can cause inflation and therefore affect the price of a lot of things, including the gifts you are planning to buy for your loved ones.

Take advantage of big-time sales by doing your gift shopping during Labor Day sales, Black Friday sales, and mid-year clearance sales. You can also catch sales all year round and if you’re lucky, bag the item for the best price.

2) Personalize Your Gifts

Don’t just give the same gift to everyone you know. Different people have different likes. Make your gift fit the personality of the person you’re giving it to. For example, if the person you are to give the present to is a fitness junkie, consider giving small gym equipment or paraphernalia that he or she can use at the gym like boxing hand wraps, weight lifting gloves or a gym bag.

Moreover, nothing is more exciting than to receive gifts that are customized especially for you. Taking this into account, consider making the gifts even more personal and unique to your loved one by opting for these customizations. You can hire the services of businesses that offer customized gifts like those at Cathy’s Concepts.

3) Buy An Extra Gift Or Two

Be prepared for last-minute parties and buy an extra gift or two. It is almost common to get invited to last-minute get-togethers, especially during the holiday season. Expect the unexpected and beat the holiday odds. You can purchase gifts as generic as champagne or fine wine. Then, if the need occurs, you can just grab one of them, put a ribbon around it and set sail.

This can save you from the stress of having to think about what last minute gifts you should give your loved one. A piece of advice though, buy something that you yourself can use and enjoy. Should you not have to attend any last-minute parties, then you can still use your “extra” gifts.

In the end, what’s important is not the gift itself but the appreciation and gratitude that the giver expresses through the gift. We hope that this article has given you the helpful advice you need. Always keep these tips in mind when deciding on what gift to give, and surely the process will be much easier and less stressful. 

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