Being Trolled Online

If you are a child of 90’s or 2001 like us, the first thing we remember is those strange dolls that were part of our childhood. It is now most commonly used to describe your classic ‘keyboard warrior’ – a person on the internet who, anonymously or otherwise, likes to send a bunch of horrible web abuse. Being trolled

Many of you have probably had a bit of a weird social media experience in general. Someone may have already made nasty comments about your weight, clothes and etc … We’ve seen a lot of ‘hate’ being chucked at celebrities.
When we talk in trolling, we certainly do not want to say that it’s a restricted issue to a group, but it’s a big part of what we have seen and what people saw.

You put some on the social network and get the barrage of nasty and kindly comments. In this you begin to become unmotivated. Other interactions are simply frustrating. Everything is the wrong thing to do or tell someone and no matter how hard you try, it is really true that you can not please everyone.

What can you do about being trolled? The number one nonprofit board of the Cybersmile Foundation Cybersmile They have a lot of practical tips and methods to deal with online bullying. With a little more awareness of the support that is out there, we can begin to hear less stories about people being led to self-mutilation, bulimia and suicide for being victims of online bullying.

We’re fan’s of the internet. People make friends with it, get to know the cultures of the countries, connect people around the world. We can help young people with various charities that exist worldwide. The internet has bad and good things, but we have to use it there for good. But there are some disadvantages and it is something to keep in mind. If you can be the person who puts something cool online, instead of bringing others down – you are doing a good thing. Keep doing this.

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