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5 Times Bebe Rexha Proved She Can Sing Any Genre

Bebe Rexha’s name is everywhere now, and for good reason. This most recent star blew up over the last two years, and with her debut album out as of this summer, it’s clear she isn’t going anywhere. Over the last few years Bebe has shown that she can sing any genre and master any tune. Here are just a few examples.

1. When she made us all dance

With her hypnotic voice, a gust verse from Nicki Minaj, and a swaying beat, this classic Bebe song never fails to make us dance. This song makes you feel confident, and the music video is stunning to boot.

2. When she stepped into the hip-hop/R&B game

Bebe is far from being a one trick pony. With her EP All Your Fault Pt. 2, she released “That’s It.” This song, which boasts features from both Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz, is more a club song, providing a slinky beat and smooth vocals.

3. When she went hard as heck on her first EP

“Pray” is an underrated song from Bebe’s first EP I Don’t Wanna Grow Up. It goes hard, and her voice soars. You can’t help but get into every time you listen to the song.

4. When she saved pop music

She didn’t have to, but she did. With the release of “I Got You,” the lead single from her EP All Your Fault Pt. 1, Bebe gave us a stellar pop song that we’ll be singing for years. It showcases her beautiful voice, sends a positive message, boasts a good beat, and is unbelievably catchy. What more can you want?

5. When she revitalized country music

This song felt like it came out of left field, but in the best way possible. Since the track’s release, it has been number 1 for 35 weeks. If that in itself doesn’t prove Bebe’s versatility, I’m not sure what will.

At this point, Bebe’s career is just beginning and she’s proved she can sing anything and everything. Bebe can be found on Twitter here, and on Instagram here. Her music can be bought on iTunes or streamed on Apple Music or Spotify.

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Written by Preston Smith

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