Beauty SOS: What to pack in your travel makeup bag.

Summer is officially here. For the next 6 weeks freedom is upon us. No early mornings and plenty  of travelling it should be one of the most stress free times of the year. Wrong. One thing every makeup wearer out there knows the struggle of, is knowing what makeup items to pack for their holiday. From skin protection to saving space, slaying all day to an easy night  time transition-well fear no more, Fuzzable have your back with this ‘Ultimate Guide Of What To Pack In Your Travel Makeup Bag’.

SPF-ing perfect.

We all protect our bodys arms and legs from the sun, but it’s easy to forget our faces. To make life easier and save space buying a facial SPF with built in moistuiser is a massive win. You’ll never forget to stay protected with a two-in-one.

We recommend- Eucerin Even Brighter Day Cream- £22.50 Boots.

Prime Time

Priming is essential in summer. Holding your makeup all day and keeping them oils away from ruining your face. Get your skin glowing from within by using a dewy primer for that added bit of natural looking sparkle.

We recommend – NYX Honey Dew Me Up Primer – £15 HQ Hair

Building Foundations and Concealing your Sins 

Foundation and concealers are such a personal preference. From preference of coverage to finish and shades there are so many options. It’s always best to stick to what you feel is most comfortable to you and your skin.

We recommend – Taking what you already use and love.

Powder Power.

Powders are used to set and mattify your base products so it’s defiantly a great option to take a powder with you. Although baking is a massive trend in the beauty world right now, it’s not a great idea to cake that powder on whilst on holiday. A simple translucent powder is plenty plus a compact will save a lot of space.

We recommend – Essence All About Matt Compact Powder – £3 Wilko’s.

Sculpt and Shine Time.

Okay, so whilst away on our holidays not many of us can resist the temptation of restaurants, ice cream or cocktails. There are definitely times where we need to chisel out our cheek bones, sprinkle on some highlight and hide the sins of our  holiday indulgance.

We recommend – Sleek Contour Kit – £6.99 Feel Unique.

Lash it Up

Even for them minimal makeup days, one essential sticks out further then any other, and thats mascara. Whether your just chilling by the pool or going out to have fun at night it’s pretty important to every makeup lover to be able to flutter them lashes. Go for a waterproof formula so whilst swimming you still have lashes to be proud of.

We recommend – Gosh My Favorite Mascara – £8.99 Superdrug

Line and Define

Liner is a personal preference, it won’t take much room up in your makeup bag and can totally transform a natural day look to a full glam night look. So whether you need wings to make a statement to your holiday crush or if you simply need to add some drama make sure you pack one.

We recommend – The Beauty Crop –  Wing Woman £13 – The Beauty Crop.

Colour Your Lids

We hold our hands up now, when going on holiday we always over pack on eye shadow pallets. Last year we took 6 pallets on a 5 day break. It’s hard to find that one pallet that has the perfect mix of every kind of shadow you could ever need. Travel lighter than us. Go for a pallet with a mix of shades you can use on a neutral day, a party night and that you know the formula has a brilliant pigmentation.

We recommend – Jcat Beauty X-TREME ACCESS POCKET SHADOW – $7.99 J Cat Beauty

Brows On Fleek 

Eyebrows have a mind of their own, now whilst everyone has a different preference for brow definers whether it be a pomade pencil or powder, in the heat and humidity it’s always important to stick them bad brow boys down with a brow gel. That way you’ll avoid unruly brows all day.

We recommend — Benefit 24 Hour Brow Setter – £20.50 BenefitCosmetics 

Pout It Out

Taking Lipsticks on holiday is a nightmare. You can find yourself in a pit of endless colors and formulas.Settling on just one may seem like the biggest problem, however we say just take your perfect nude.Nude lips are a summer must have and can be paired with any eye makeup look, and finding a long lasting formula is important too.

We recommend – Technic ColourMax Nude Edition Lipstick – £4- Technic Cosmetics#

Don’t forget to set

Setting your whole makeup down is the secret of long lasting perfection. From melding all the powders down to helping intensify your eye shadow and most importantly locking everything into place a simple spray can add 6 hours onto your makeups longevity.

We Recommend- Revolution Pro Supreme Hold Fixing Spray – £6 RevolutionBeauty

Tools of the Trade.

We’ve had that dreaded moment too often in which you have to pick enough brushes to last your whole holiday or trip. It can feel like picking between children. Purchasing a set in a handy case will help this issue massively. That way you’ll know you have all areas solved and you’ll be able to travel easily with your makeup magic wands with ease.

We Reccomend – Revamped Original Unicorn Brushes – Sale Price – £22.50 (Plus use discount code Festival20 for an additional 20% off) UnicornCosmetics


We hope this handy guide to holiday beauty has helped you out. Make sure you stay up to date this summer with us by following us on Twitter and Instagram – we’ll be bringing you a whole load of beauty news and reviews and all the latest in music fashion food and fun too.



Written by Niki

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