Beauty Scoop: Deck Of Scarlet

Beauty subscription services are becoming one of the most exciting ways to expand your makeup collection. Great value and high quality products delivered to your door. The only issue we had found is we were unable to ever create a full look from the products supplied with a beauty box. Deck Of Scarlet stepped in and changed the subscription service for us.

Who are Deck of Scarlet?

Deck of Scarlet are an American brand, who create one pallet every other month for $29.99. Each pallet is made in collaboration with some of the most popular YouTubers around. The idea is each pallet comes in a playing card designed shell, so eventually you will have a deck of pallets.

What is included in the subscription?

In every box, you get one pallet. This pallet contains 3 eye shadows; (the 3 shadows included are able to be used either as a single shadow eye look, or used together to create a variety of intricate looks) two face powders (this bi-monthly is a beautiful blush and highlight suitable for all skin tones) two lip products and then you are also provided with a makeup bag essential. The products were all packaged beautifully and the matte black cartons and boxing gave such a classy feel to the low cost service.

Fuzzable’s Review of edition number 6, in collaboration with Nikkia Joy.


The 3 eyeshadow shades are incredibly pigmented. Aurora is such a special unique shimmer shade in itself, the intensity of this shade is already incredible, but adding a little bit of fixing spray makes this the most reflective and stunning shimmer possibly ever. Shadow shade space is a brilliant taupey shade, which is a brilliant crease shade, but can also be the perfect brow shade for blondes. Gravity the final eyeshadow shade is unlike a dark grey shadow we’ve ever seen before. This shaded reflects all kinds of galaxy-esque shimmer shades, but in a very subtle manor. All shadows are ridiculously pigmented, but with minimal fall out, they blend together like a dream.

Blusher shade Stellar scared me at first, as someone with incredible pale skin, I have never adventured into blusher shades that aren’t a soft pink or peach, so a deep maroon-ish coulor was daunting. But with a very light hand the blusher actually looked INCREDIBLE. Any space themed highlighter would have to look as shimmery and sparkling as a starry night sky right? Well, Deck of Scarlet created the mst stunning star-like highlight on this planet.

The two lip shades, again were pigmented, stunning and surprisingly long lasting. The shade Venus has accidentally become our favourite lip shade and formula of all time.

The real show stopper, the new makeup obsession, the best thing to ever grace my face however is the felt tip eyeliner in the shade galaxy. In a nutshell, this dark grey liner is perfect. From the tip of the liner being the easiest tip to do my signature cat eye flick with, the colour isn’t as harsh as a black but still gives that smokey and sexy look, the formula lasts all day and all of this makes application as smooth as chocolate.

There are simply no negatives with Deck of Scarlet. From the warm and kind service you get from everyone on team Scarlet, shipping time, product quality to the brilliant tutorials Nikkia Joy created with this edition. Everything makes this the best subscription service we’ve tried.

We highly reccomend you check Deck of Scarlet out for yourselves, visit their website here.

Keep your eyes peeled this week on our Twitter and Instagram, we’re going to be creating a few makeup looks with the pallet!


Written by Niki

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