Beauty Influencer of the Week: Nicole Faulkner

Here at Fuzzable we love to look at the worlds best make-up artists and beauty influencers who have made an impact on the world of make-up today. We make the difficult decision of choosing one a week. Today our crown goes to the incredibly talented and beautiful, Nicole Faulkner, also known as by her followers. “Lipstick Nick”.

Who is Lipstick Nick?

Nicole Faulkner is a Southern Californian born, beauty queen. She has always loved and had a great passion of art, we see in her artistry a great look of individuality, caution and care going into each of her client’s makeup. Faulkner has brought her talents to the likes of A cappella sensations “Pentatonix”, musical genius; “Todrick Hall” and fellow makeup artist “Jeffree Star”

What LipStickNick has accomplished in the Makeup World

Faulkner has toured with Pentatonix for their 2016 world tour to do her genius work on the amazing singers (not that they need it, they are gorgeous already) everything that she has done for the band has truly left Pentatonix fans in aw as they see the care and time that is taken into doing their makeup. She has also done makeup for the cast members of MTVs “Todrick” here we see Todrick Hall and company show off their vocal and dance talents as well as showing off their gorgeous made up faces as done by Faulkner. She has also worked very closely with M.A.C. Cosmetics,  Dose of Colors, Melt & Too Faced. Her talents has been widely praised and admired by many people. To the point that she has launched a US makeup tour, going to places such as; New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Las Vegas! She is also doing a date in London (U.K.) in April.

Our Favourite Looks

Lipstick Nick has some amazing looks in her time so of course it is going to be very difficult to choose just a few. So with some careful thought here are five of of top Favourites!

This is the beauty herself in all her glory, the dark, smoky eye is absolutely gorgeous! Her cheeks are the perfect colour for her skin tone. Everything seems to come together, especially with those stunning red locks!

Here with the help of Jeffree Star cosmetics. Nicole has truly made us feel like we are living in a candy floss pink dream with the insane blending of pink on Jeffree’s eyes and compliments him perfectly.The lip colour perfectly fits in with the eyes and of course that incredible wig, all we can say is ”wow”.

Sometimes, having “dramatic” eyes and bright, bold lipstick can hide away someone’s, true beauty, here we see a very natural look on the absolutely stunning Kirstin Maldonado (Pentatonix). The glossy pink lips make that lovely smile stand out, along with the perfect check bones with that blush and soft contour. What we love the most is that Nicole created a look which hiighlights Kirtsin’s natural beauty perfectly.

Nicole is setting the bar high by showing off not just her skills with make up but with art in general, personally eyes have never stood out so much until now! The pattern of red and black winged eyeliner and paint is truly making Nicole’s brown eyes pop. The green lips is also the perfect match for the eyes, having that black outline of the light green is giving her lips some amazing definitions. Also having the cute extra quirks like the cross on the cheek and the tear on the eye is making us feel like she is taking us to a bad-ass comic book


Nicole has broken all the rules in this look on Kirstin, with a bold eye look and bold lips, but we adore it. Nicole got Kirstin looking like a girl who is ready to slay the stage, to which she did that night on tour. Kirstin is known for wearing winged eyeliner, but there is something about these eyes and those lips that are making us loose our minds!

Thank you to the wonderful Nicole Faulkner for your gift and addition to the world of makeup. We apologise for not showing more of your incredible looks, but honestly there were too many for just one article! We can’t wait to see more

For all things makeup and beauty follow us on Twitter @Fuzzable. We’ll see you next week when we crown our next Beauty Influencer of the Week.



Written by Kay Simpson

I love to write, sing, act, binge watch YouTube Videos. I am a MASSIVE gamerI’m just your average 21 year old who wants to write and have fun

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