Beauty Influencer of the Week- DramaticMac

Here at Fuzzable we can’t go a day without scrolling through instagram to see looks our favourite incluencers have created or going on YouTube to watch they’re thoughts and opinions on new products. We decided to create our ‘Beauty Incluencer Of The Week’ to celebrate the talent of our favourite’s. This week after your votes were counted we are crowning our  ‘Beauty Influencer Of The Week’ to the Irish beauty DramaticMac

Who is DramaticMac?

Real name Aisling, is a beauty vlogger from Ireland.Her YouTube channel has 225,000 subscribers and over 17.5 million views. Aisling is a fully qualified nutritionalist, and her growing beauty channel started as a side hobby, but in 2017 she put nutritionlist work on the back burner and now devotes her time fully to her channel. DramaticMac is very open and honest with everything from her kittens to family and relationship stuff.


What has DramaticMac accomplished within the beauty world?

Aside from working with some incredible companies like L’oreal, Too faced,Estee lauder, GHD, Mark Hill, iHerb, Gosend and Nivea, Aisling has build up a very strong rappor with all her fans. She often replies to them on snapchat giving hints and tips. Her mosy popular videos include her series of ‘Dupes’ videos, helping her audience get the look of high end beauty products for less. The most impressive and influential movement Aisling has made is building a culture around beauty not just being about makeup. Aisling talks often about the importance of diet helping skin issues, skin care and a positive mindset. This has helped fans build confidence and take a look at beauty holistically.

What are some of our favourite looks from DramaticMac?

One thing Aisling loves more then a nude lipstick is Halloween. In 2017 the unicorn trend got a DramaticMac makeover, and she uploaded this beautiful mythical pastle tutorial. Theres no denying Aisling is a creative genius.

We’ve decided we need a dedicated day to celebrate the blending abilities in this eye look. This rainbow eye look is just another reason we can’t get enough of DramaticMac’s YouTube channel.

Rose gold, red lips, perfectly contoured cheeks and the perfect lashes. All things we love the most are in this look, and although this was a part of a festive tutorial we feel this is the perfect classy look for any special occasion.

Festival looks are usually 2 day old mascara, cakey foundation and body paint in some form of pattern. DramaticMac created this beautiful festival tutorial to make sure everyone could get the attention away from the main stage and onto our faces.

 (All photos curtosy of DramaticMac’s Instagram)

How to keep up to date with DramaticMac.

You can subscribe to Aisling’s YouTube channel and Vlog channel, follow her on Twitter and Instagram and you can follow  on Snapchat by adding DramaticMac.


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Written by Niki

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