Beauty Influencer Of The Week- CarmiMUA

Here at Fuzzable we can’t go a day without scrolling through instagram to see looks our favourite incluencers have created or going on YouTube to watch they’re thoughts and opinions on new products. We decided to create our ‘Beauty Incluencer Of The Week’ to celebrate the talent of our favourite’s. This week we’ve chosen to crown the insanely talented and kind CarmiMUA.

Who is CarmiMUA?

CarmiMUA is a makeup artist turned YouTuber from Italy, who now lives in Britan with his fiance. Carmi orignially from Italy moved to England a few years ago to train as a makeup artist. Before this, Carmi was a ballet dancer, he was part of a ballet company, and taught ballet classes. Unfortuntely Carmi was in a terrible accident that ended his ballet career, however when his dancing career ended his incredibly makeup artistry career began.


What has CarmiMUA  accomplished within the beauty world?

One thing for sure about Carmi is his strong belief of makeup equality for all, every skin tone and gender. He often tells his army of bibies (his cute pet name for his fans) to have confidence in themselves. Carmi is a part of the Makeup Revolution beauty squad alongside Tammi Clark and Sophdoesnails and this means that Carmi does tutorials and Instagram postings for the beauty brand. His straight talking attitude has gained him a reputation of giving the real low down and opinions of beauty products. Also, it’s good to note that Carmi is a massive fan of affordable products, the majority of his tutorials and reviews are on affordable and easily accessable products, reaffirming that beauty really is for all.


What are some of our favourite looks from CarmiMUA?

Where do we begin? This flawless makeup look from CarmiMUA is simply stunning. From the sultry eye look and liner so perfect that we want to set up a fan account for that wing to the beautiful nude lip. We’re obssessed.

The best way to show how much you support your best friends eyeshadow pallet is to create a look so beautiful that everyone needs the pallet in their life to recreate it. Great job Carmi, SophDoesNails will no doubtly of been proud.

.Showing exactly how to get the most out of a high end brands products, Carmi used Jeffree Stars ‘Chrome Collection’ to create a look unique and pretty. Carmi used his favourite liquid lipstick shade to do yet another perfect winged liner.

Carmi in a long and luscious wig is something that reaches new levels of perfection. We’re getting all kinds of Cheryl Cole vibes from this. Whats more, that deep smokey eye and them stunning lashes are in a class of their own.

 (All photos curtosy of CarmiMUA’s Instagram)

How to keep up to date with CarmiMUA.

You can subscribe to Carmi’s YouTube channel, follow him on Twitter and Instagram and you can follow Carmi on Snapchat by adding CarmiMUA .


Be sure to follow us on Twitter to see who we are giving the ‘Beauty Influencer of the Week’ crown to next week.

Written by Niki

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