Beauty Influencer Of The Week- SophDoesNails

Here at Fuzzable we can’t go a day without scrolling through instagram to see looks our favourite incluencers have created or going on YouTube to watch they’re thoughts and opinions on new products. We decided to create our ‘Beauty Incluencer Of The Week’ to celebrate the talent of our favourite’s. This week we are crowning our  ‘Beauty Influencer Of The Week’ as the super talented SophDoesNails.

Who is SophDoesNails?

Soph is a beauty and fashion YouTube from the U.K. Soph’s YouTube channel has accumulated 550,000 subscribers and 56 million views on her channel. Soph is 21 years old and is now one of the ambassadors for MakeUpRevolution. Soph is a keen artist and also started studying graphic design at university. Soph has always been extremely open and honest about her struggles with anxiety, creating an incredibly sweet and caring network of fans.

What has Soph accomplished within the beauty world?

Soph changed the path for YouTube beauty guru’s with her massive love for lower priced makeup. Soph is keen to make sure that the hottest makeup trends are accessible for everyone.  Soph works alongside a lot of popular makeup brands like Revlon, The Body Shop and L’Oreal. In 2017 Soph was announced as one of the 3 beauty guru’s Makeup Revolution scouted to be on their social media team. Since then Soph went on to create the hottest pallets with MUR, with everyone from Saffron Barker to Nikkie Tutorials using it.

 What are some of our favourite looks from SophDoesNails?

This beautiful look is a classic Soph warm toned and dramatic look. However, the reason you can see such happiness in her blue eyes is because this look was done with the iconic Soph x Revolution eye pallet.

In this look Soph got super creative for the I Am Freedom competition. The galaxy princess meets festival look is incredible and Soph’s attention to detail is mind-blowing.

In one of Soph’s more recent makeup looks, she did this incredibly cute valentines day look. The blending on the eyeshadow in this look deserves an award itself.

Aside from being an incredible makeup artist, Soph incredible at nail art (Hence the name SophDoesNails). Soph has created incredible art on her nails inspired by everything she loves, Taylor Swift, Pretty Little Liars and of course, McDonalds.

(All photos curtosy of Soph’s Instagram)

How to keep up to date with SophDoesNails.

You can subscribe to Soph’s YouTube channel and vlog channel, follow her on Twitter and Instagram and you can follow Soph on Snapchat by adding SophDoesNails.

Thank you Soph for teaching us so much about makeup, and bringing us more light then even the most blinding highlight.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter to see who we are giving the ‘Beauty Influencer of the Week’ crown to next week.

Written by Niki

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