Beauty Influencer of the Week – James Charles

Here at Fuzzable we can’t go a day without scrolling through instagram to see looks our favourite incluencers have created or going on YouTube to watch they’re thoughts and opinions on new products. We’ve decided to create our ‘Beauty Incluencer Of The Week’ to celebrate the talent of our favourite’s. Our first ever crowning of ‘Beauty Influencer Of The Week’ goes to none other then James Charles.

Who is James Charles?

James is an 18 year old makeup artist from New York who now lives in L.A. James has a YouTube channel with over 2.7 million subscribers and an Instagram following of 3.1 million. Aside from being an incredible makeup artist, James is also an extremly talented a capella singer, singing with accapella group Flashback.

What has James accomplished within the beauty world?

James stands for equality, believing that makeup is for everybody. Notibly James was the first male model for Cover Girl, feauturing in a nationwide campaign along side Katy Perry. James has collaborated on his YouTube channel with other beauty guru’s such as NikkiTutorials, Laura Lee and Tati. He has also collaborated with internet sensations the Dolan Twins, Colleen Ballinger and Ricky Dillon to name a few. James is also a brand emassedor and model for Morphe.

 What are some of our favourite looks from James Charles?

This iconic look is titled ‘Blank Canvass’. James created this look in a YouTube video in which he reflected on 2017 and shared his hopes for 2018. You can watch it here.

The creativity and hours that were put into this ouiji board makeup look are insane. From the perfect recreation to the blinding blue highlight. You don’t need to contact the supernatural to find out were obsessed with this look.

Although this is one of James’s earlier makeup looks we cannot get past how smoothly his eyeshadow is blended, how much his brows slay or how as James would say ‘snatched’ his nose contour is. We’re in love.

When the world is focusing on the solar eclipse, how do you steal the suns thunder? You become the eclipse. James stunned Instagram with this intricate makeup look and instantly everyone became obsessed. We loved this iconic look so much.

(All photos are from James’s Instagram)

How to keep up to date with James Charles:

You can follow James on Twitter or Instagram, or subscribe to his YouTube channel.

Congratulations James Charles for being the first Fuzzable Beauty Infuencer of the week. And thank you for slaying our exsistance. Follow us @fuzzable to find out who is taking the crown next week.

Written by Niki

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