The Beauty Industry is Hard When You’re Not a Girls Girl

The beauty industry is one of many different and beautiful faces. It’s fast paced, fun and always evolving. There’s endless opportunities and it’s hard to pass them up.

I knew it was going to be a tough industry to break into from the moment I stepped into school on my first day. You could almost feel the tension of all these girls crowded together in the same room.

It’s no surprise that we, as females, have a hard time getting along with each other. It’s only because we put pressure on ourselves to be the best or achieve more than other females. I, however, didn’t get that growing up. I’m an open book and like to learn from others and even like a bit of healthy competition.

I have always told people I am not a girls girl though. I’m also not a girl who prefers to hang with men; I’m actually quite the loner-type despite having friends and being social. I prefer to work and be alone 90% of the time.

I don’t gossip, it’s one of the things I despise most. It was obvious from school that gossip was something you did to get accepted. When I graduated and began working in salons and beauty stores, it was still something girls did.

You’d always get looks during one of these open discussions, at another co-workers expense, to join in. Join in? I don’t think so. I wasn’t going to tear into another humans lifestyle, and for that I was almost always ostracized.

Being the girl who would rather work than talk about someone led me down a different path in the beauty world. I decided to actually leave the salon atmosphere.

I left a big beauty retailer because the constant tearing down of other fellow co-workers was unbearable. They live under a dome that they say has to be “drama free”, when actually, they were the ones perpetuating it. Managers… They’re supposed to help and guide you to success- but they were the first to tear you apart for the smallest things, like what shade of lipstick you wore.

I do makeup for fun, I use my skills and knowledge of skin care to help people when they have questions online. In fact, I do most of my work online now. I hang around on Twitter and Instagram to post about new finds that I love and if someone wants an opinion, I can give one.

As a beauty blogger, I get to openly have my own opinions. Sure, I still get criticized, but that’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. I’d rather someone talk about me than talk about someone else who maybe couldn’t handle the heat.

The beauty industry is something I love whole-heartedly. I just wish other girls saw the love they could have for it too, without the need to talk about someone else.

I recommend more girls to develop a love of beauty, especially if you’re not a girls girl. It would bring a different light into the industry. Someone driven by beauty, not by drama and gossip.

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