Fuzzable Blogs: August 17 – Balancing social media with your mental health

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy using social media. I’m pretty much online most the time and, just like you, I own multiple accounts as there are different ways to express your interest and share your stories to other like-minded people. Technology has made it possible for us reach with people who we didn’t expect to connect with, creating new friendships. But not everything online are all rainbows and butterflies as there will be times where things will break out and get out of control.

I will admit, I’m not a perfect person.

And that’s pretty obvious since we’re human. We all make mistakes and there will be times where we might accidentally hurt someone else’s feelings. In real life, we could talk it out, resolve the issue, and move on. But online, that’s a different story as one small issue could lead to giant problems.

And why? Either you have different opinions, your message was misinterpreted, or other unspoken reasons; and that could lead to serious mental health problems. You feel like you need to censor yourself in order to please these people and once you express your own thoughts and opinions that go against what the others are thinking, fighting about it seems to be upsetting and post things that could be hard to delete.

I had experiences with multiple online conflicts and it took a toll on me. I wasn’t feeling any better and due to all of the conflict, I’ve decided to take step back and focus more on myself. And for some reason, it did help me feel better and discovered that all this drama, the bullying, the arguments, and the fighting, it’s not worth it.

I want you to try something: take one day off social media. I’m not saying to log-out and go cold turkey, but rather, don’t interact in group chats or get involved in fandom drama. Take that time off and focus on what you want to do, whether it’s doing a hobby you enjoy or just attending an event or something simple such as reading a good book. I’m telling you now, you will feel better about yourself, plus you’re doing some you enjoy. Life is more fun when you focus more on yourself rather than just pleasing others behind a screen.

In the end, it all comes to balance. Not everyone will agree with you and it does take effort for both parties to fully understand each other. But at the same time, try to focus on your real life as well. The internet is great and all, and the community can both have its ups and downs, but maybe real life can be as equally amazing as well.

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