Author Jennifer L Rothwell reveals the title for the second book in The Firelighters trilogy

Author Jennifer L Rothwell has revealed the title to the eagerly awaited second book in the Firelighters trilogy. The second book will be called A Curse Of Smoke And Flame. It will continue the story of Felix which began in A Spark of Fire.

The first book in The Firelighters Trilogy, A Spark of Fire

Jennifer was lovely enough to let us share the blurb for A Curse Of Smoke And Flame, which has made us very excited to read the next part of Felix’s adventures!

Sometimes what is true can bring pain and what is false can bring comfort. The truth is always hard to face. In fact, it may be the most difficult obstacle you have yet to overcome.”

Felix Spark is the Firelighter, the guardian of the Flame of Magic and she’s making the lives of magicians and commoners better. Or at least she’s trying to. But rules and laws are hard to navigate and change doesn’t happen overnight, especially in the Magistry of London and especially when your dreams lure you elsewhere.

Linus Godspell has found solace aboard the Skimmer, a sewer ship sailing through the waters of UnderLondon. Yet he knows things; secrets about secrets which endanger the lives of magicians and commoners alike. Now, he must journey to the Second Plane to save them all. But how can he do that without magic? A brother and a sister; separated by fate, united by fire and isolated by lies. Can they uncover the truth and face it, even if means losing everything? Jump aboard and prepare for an adventure. Magic awaits.

Talking about what fans can expect from A Curse Of Smoke And Flame, Jennifer told us, ” The book will see Felix facing a personal crisis of faith and we’ll also be seeing more of Linus which is so exciting to write! And of course, old favourites like the dire wolf will be returning as well as a whole host of new characters. A Curse Of Smoke and Flame is also darker than A Spark Of Fire. There’s definitely an atmosphere of mystery in this book. ”

A Curse Of Smoke And Flame, the 2nd novel in The Firelighters Trilogy will be released in December via Green Cat Books. You can buy the first book in The Firelighters Trilogy, A Spark of Fire here.

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