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Artist Spotlight: Zella Day

Need some new music this summer? Zella Day, the queen of indie pop from Arizona, has some amazing songs to fill your summer void.

Day has been in the industry for a while, first working independently and releasing her own music. However, she signed to Hollywood Records after a while, leading to the release of her major debut album Kicker.

Kicker’s 2015 release saw a number of amazing tracks, including “Hypnotic” – one of its lead singles. Kicker also allowed Zella Day to appear in a variety of publications and on a couple of television programs, including Late Night with Seth Meyers. Ultimately, because of the success of her first album, Day was able to perform at Coachella in 2016.

Since Kicker, Day has played numerous shows and released some singles. These singles include the mesmerizing “Man on the Moon” and “Hunnie Pie,” along with being featured on Korey Dane’s “Blood on the Mattress.”

If you’re waiting for Day’s next album like us, have no fear. The artist tweeted the following photo on May 27, 2018, roughly two months ago, with the caption “See you shortly.” While it could mean nothing, we’re going to be optimistic and take it as a sign that her sophomore album is right around the corner.

Looking for specific song recommendations? One of our favorite songs from Kicker is “Jerome”:

To keep up to date with Zella Day, follow her on Twitter here, and on Instagram here.

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