Artist Spotlight: Will Bowes releases an intense pop ballad “Mad at the World”

Will Bowes is a leading vocalist of the Toronto based group Gold Complex but that’s not it. In addition to being a singer, Bowes is also an actor and a filmmaker. His movie “Hunting Season” won an award of excellence at the 2013 Canada International Film Festival.

Bowes has played several roles and is best known for his feature film roles in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and House at the End of the Street, opposite Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence. Select television credits include Alias Grace, Degrassi, Dark Matter, Rookie Blue, Copper, and Murdoch Mysteries.

This month, the artist released an intense pop ballad titled “Mad at the World”. Written in wake of Toronto attacks, the track depicts a collective disillusionment people have been feeling. The title is both a validation of the anger and a starting point for the conversation he wants people to have – a conversation about positivity and love. Bowes shares his perspective on the state of affairs and explains how only love can help conquer the problems.

The track delivers a message of hope and unity:

‘Sometimes looking beyond fear and staying positive can feel impossible, especially in times of adversity. But it’s important to forge on and not admit defeat, which is why I wanted to make sure the song also reflected that sense of optimism’.

Musically, Bowes’ voice adds a depth to the single and the intensity with which he conveys the emotions, invoke listener’s deepest emotions. It’s good to see artists like Bowes who use their art to talk about significant topics.

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