Artist Spotlight: WAYI

WAYI is a 25-year-old soul/rnb singer/songwriter who embarked on her journey earlier this year with the debut single “The Way I Am”.

The empowering song garnered great interest from Elton John in his Rocket Hour show on Beats 1 but also much praise from major publications such as High Snobiety, DJ Booth, ELLE France and Red Bull Elektropedia.

The songstress is back with another powerful ballad. Titled “Temporary”, the song showcases the lyrical genius of WAYI. Produced by James Lowland, Temporary will be a part of her upcoming debut EP “Love In Progress”.


As the title suggests, the song talks about a transient emotion, a kind of emotion for which we need not reprimand ourselves. Temporary talks about the bittersweet emotion of jealousy that the protagonist feels as she sees her lover move on in life with someone else.

By acknowledging the emotion of jealousy, WAYI not only helps listener move on but also lets us come face to face with that side of ourselves that isn’t perfect. Usually, jealousy is seen as a negative emotion but interestingly, there are so many moments in our lives when we feel jealous and sometimes, powerfully so. The feeling is a part of who we are but it is not the only thing that defines us.

The emotion is literally “temporary” but the only way to overcome it is to face it and acknowledge it. Talking about the song, WAYI said,

“Everyone must have had a broken heart once in a lifetime. After you “heal” from it, you realise that life is too short; that there are actually worse things happening in the world and that you shouldn’t be crying over that person. Still… at times, you find yourself struggling between letting go and being jealous that he has moved on with someone else.”

Her EP’s title clearly indicates the theme of her upcoming songs and “Temporary” seems to be one of the phases of the larger theme – Love.

In terms of musicality, WAYI shows her vocal prowess towards the end of the song while building momentum till the point of culmination. Her sultry voice gives a tone of reflection to the song which perfectly fits in with the mood of the track.

“Temporary” is just one of the songs from her upcoming EP and we can’t wait to check out other songs.


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Hello! I am Ayushi from India. I love writing poetry, listening to K-POP and spending time alone. Writing is what defines me and I am on the journey to make the definition as good as possible.

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