Artist Spotlight: SHENNA

Stimulation of senses and imagination are two of the major consequences and benefits of listening to music. But not every song helps one enjoy these benefits. 21st century has been restricted byby certa topics and themes but these topics aren’t necessarily limiting. Instead, with important topics coming to fore, musicians are searching for new ways to reiterate the same yet important points.

Colour centric songs are one such approach.

Since her debut, Shenna has been a pioneer of “color centric” songs. Her songs personify colors and demonstrate them as something concrete. She uses hue to materialize emotions that follows the trope of flat characters in her songs and her flat characters aren’t dull but a representative of a “type” of emotion or sentiment.

But her music does not merely materialize emotions but also stand as an emblem of love. Her recent song “Magenta” is about an individual whose magnetic personality draws everyone’s attention. The song is a perfect anthem for the Pride Month. It’s “character” is not gender specific. The song talks about “love”, an emotion that can be embodied and experienced by anyone.

We talked to Shenna about her musical influences, her new single and much more. Check out the complete interview below:

Please tell our readers a bit about yourself.

Hey guys! My name is Shenna pronounced “Shay-nuh” I am an Indie-Pop singer songwriter from VA currently living the dream in NYC!

How did your journey as an artist begin?

I began performing background vocals when I was about 5 with my older cousins. I knew that one day I wanted to step into the spotlight so I tarted performing songs around audiences at the age of 7 and recording covers at the age of 10. When I was in middle school I had a pretty big youtube channel that helped me gain a lot of attention around Virginia and I performed at big venues and showcases which prepared me to where I am now. Recently I have had 7 placements on tb networks such as The Bad Girls Club, Netflix “Miss Stevens” Teen Mom OG, and Finding Carter Season 2 which has helped me grow my following online! Currently Im working on releasing a new single next month which I am so excited for!

Shenna, considering that you are an indie artist, how do see yourself placed amongst other artists in the music industry (in terms of opportunities)?

I feel that the cool part of being an indie artist is that gaining opportunities feels like such a big win because its a “yes!” moment to know you did it all by yourself with a little team. My personality is really strong and I like to create my own opportunities as an indie artist by reaching out to brands that go with my everyday lifestyle, reaching out to booking agents or talent buyers, etc. Of course as a major artist you have more of a budget to help you attract fans and sponsors but Chance The Rapper had a Kit Kat commercial as a unsigned artist and so can other indie artist if we push ourselves!

In past 2 years, you have released quite a few music videos and each music video differs from others in terms of theme. But at the same time, they also show your development as an artist. How do you perceive your evolution as an artist in last few years?

Thank you so much! I love going back and watching my videos which sometimes make me laugh but happy at the same time because of the opportunities. I perceive my evolution as an artist as a learning experience and honestly a case study. I learn by of course mistakes what to do and what not to do when releasing music. I know that in the past 4 years of my original music development I am definitely the artist I have always wanted to be.  I released my first orginal song around this time in 2014 and love the path I am on.

Do you have any artists who you look up to?

Yes! I look up to Dua Lipa because she is very current and newer to the Indie-Pop scene. Of course I look up to Beyonce, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, and Corrine Bailey Rae. Each artist is well respected in their genres, amazing songwriters, and a brand within their own music.

While all your songs mesmerized us, we found “Me vs You” quite intriguing in terms of subject matter. The same goes for the music video. Please tell us a bit about the single.

Yes! “Me Vs You” was actually the first original song I released in 2014. It was my breakout song that I wanted to make a statement both song and video wise that I didn’t want to fit in with what everyone else was doing. I wanted to be always my own icon, my own motivation, and care free.

A lot of people landed on the music video of “So Low” after it got featured on Bad Girls Club. How did you feel about it?

Thank you! Yes shazam is awesome and having that placement on The Bad Girls Club helped me tremendously. I think that is still one of my favorite videos to date!

Congratulations for “Magenta”. We really liked the single. Please tell ours readers a bit about the song.

Thank you! The song is about feeling irresistible, confident, and hot in that very moment. The song is like a weekend pre-game, getting ready to party type of vibe.

We would like to know the creative process behind “Magenta”. How did you come up with the concept and went on to execute it?

Yes! I was listening to so much Bruno Mars around that time and wanted to make like a female type of old school pop track. My producer Austin Bello said the word Magenta and it was gold from then on out. We played on items that were pink or red such as cherries, strawberries, etc.

Shenna, we read the “Magenta” was created for LGBT community. Please tell us a bit about it.

Yeah! I am a huge advocate for the LGBTQ community and most of my closest friends and even family members are apart of the community. I wanted all walks of life, shapes sizes, genders, etc to feel magenta in that moment. I didn’t want to talk about a guy or girl. I believe love is love so you could feel magenta for whatever special person you have your eyes on that night!

You seem to have a really supportive fan base. We got a glimpse of it in the comments section of YouTube. Have you got a chance to meet and interact with your fans?

Thank you! I have been blessed to meet so many kind and passionate creatives throughout my music journey. I usually meet people through passing or at events or shows while traveling. I can’t wait until I meet more loyal supporters or what I like to call “dreamers”!

Would you like to share with us your future projects or endeavours?

Yes! Next single is releasing right in the middle of July it is called “Conversation” I am planning on doing a lot more shows on both the east and west coast for a promo run and releasing singles more frequently! Thanks so much everyone who’s reading this support so far. Ya’ll are the greatest!

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Written by ayushi

Hello! I am Ayushi from India. I love writing poetry, listening to K-POP and spending time alone. Writing is what defines me and I am on the journey to make the definition as good as possible.

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