Sara Salamat

Artist Spotlight: Sara Salamat

Feature Image from Sara’s Twitter

We like to shine the light on artists we love. Sara Salamat is one of those artists. We found Sara a few months ago and have been obsessed ever since.

Sara is the co-founder of The LOUD. Magazine and a contributor for Huffington Post and The Affinity Magazine. In between writing articles, Sara posts covers on her YouTube and Twitter.

Sara’s cover of Kiwi, by Harry Styles, blew up on Twitter. It currently has 11K retweets and over 20K likes. Her tweet is continuing to grow on the platform.

Sara decided to turn this cover into her first single. It will be dropping July 20, 2017 on Spotify and iTunes.

On her YouTube channel, Sara posts the full versions of her covers. She also covers a variety of songs on her channel along with posting the occasional unboxing or Q&A.

You can watch the full Kiwi cover down below.

We highly recommend you follow Sara Salamat in her musical journey. Listen to a few covers and let us know what you think by tweeting us at @Fuzzable!

Written by Grace Bong

You will usually find me at concerts watching my favorite bands.
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