Artist Spotlight: MASUMI releases her single “Run Baby, Run”

We all believe that we have enough time to achieve our goals and to find our purpose but subconsciously, we are uncertain about our own approach. Even when we pretend to be in a flow with everyone else, we always try to defy the norm and create something for ourselves before time runs out.

Time therefore is both an empowering as well as an inhibiting entity that keeps us grounded and yet, on our guard.

MASUMI thought that she too had time until she found herself trapped in an earthquake. Taking it as a call of awakening, the Japanese singer-songwriter embarked on a journey to pursue her singing career. Her new song “Run Baby, Run” talks about those very moments of awakening which also includes her encounter with a stranger who helped her realize the value of time.

Speaking about the song, she explains: ‘In 2016, I received a life changing offer to be managed by a prestigious management team in Tokyo, Japan. I decided to walk away from this career-defining moment and chose to remain in the states to explore possibilities that were more aligned with the artist I wanted to grow into. But that brought a long depression and self doubt. I was confused if I made the right choice. A stranger popped in my life during that time and left me a message to “live with urgency” because “time is running out”. It was my 2nd awakening since the earthquake’.

Written by MASUMI and directed by Loic Zimmerman, “Run Baby, Run” is an empowering single. With a constant emphasis on the phrase “Run Baby, Run”, the sense of urgency and desperation is clearly evident in the single. In terms of musicality, the sound resonates with the battlefield music.

The singer is preparing herself and the listener for a big fight, a fight to overcome one’s inhibitions and make it big in life. The sound blends well with the singer’s vocals and MASUMI’s voice has an intensity that makes one pay attention to her words.

While for the artist, the song is an ode to the listener who helped her realize her dream, the song is also an ode to any person who has been a guiding light in one’s life.

“Run Baby, Run” touches on the duality of life, empowering people to use their strength to rise above fear and give hope to those going through dark times.

The music video for the single was released on 31st August, 2018. The song is now available on all the major music streaming platforms.

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Written by ayushi

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