Artist Spotlight: Mallrat

Welcome back to Fuzzable, where we’re back with our Artist Spotlight segment – and what a treat this one is. Today we are highlighting and celebrating the music of Mallrat, who draws her name from an Orwell’s song of the same name. Born Grace Shaw, this Australian performer excels with her electronic-indie fusion sound.

Having a sound that we could only describe as K.I.D meets The Chainsmokers, Mallrat currently has two EPs out: 2016’s Uninvited and 2018’s In the Sky. Both projects showcase expertly Shaw’s voice and her synth-gliding abilities. Whether she’s fully singing or delving into sing-rapping, Shaw hits each note with emotive depth – a talent not every musical artist can achieve.

Being twenty years old, Shaw is extremely in tune with the young adults of today, and thusly in tune with the emotions of today’s youth and young adults. On “Inside Voices” and “Uninvited” (both from her Uninvited EP), she chronicles anxiety and the want for silence and time spent alone, for example.

The artist’s most recent video, which accompanies her song “Groceries,” expresses young love and broken hearts and the beauty within seemingly mundane acts such as buying groceries. This track is a perfect example of the way Mallrat makes her expression of emotion seem flawless.

If you’re looking for another song recommendation, look no further. Another standout track is “UFO,” which features rapper Allday.

Mallrat is currently on tour with American singer Gnash. A couple of shows still remain at the time of writing, and tickets can be purchased wherever you usually purchase them.

To stay up-to-date with Mallrat, follow her @lilmallrat on Twitter and on Instagram. She also has a personal website with the latest information regarding her music and tours.

Mallrat’s music can be purchased and streamed everywhere you listen to music, including iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Are you loving Mallrat as much as we are? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your admiration for this talented performer!

Written by Preston Smith

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