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Artist Spotlight: Lily Kershaw

Welcome back to our Artist Spotlight segment, where today we are covering and spotlighting none other than Lily Kershaw. This LA-based singer, songwriter, and actress is emotive and evocative, so we’re here to showcase her talent.

With her latest music having released last fall and her musical journey dating back to the early 2010s, Kershaw is no stranger to songwriting or singing – and it shows in her brilliant performances. She combines her powerful yet sometimes raspy voice to hit every note with eloquence in a way that brings her unique sound to life.

A great example of her voice lies in “All Of The Love In The World,” which hails from her 2018 album Lost Angeles.

While her voice is incredibly beautiful, she also emotes a lot, which makes the song much more than a one-time jam. It creates an entire experience, and one that will evoke every emotion within you.

Another song that showcases her mastery in her indie sound is “More (The Great Escape),” which also hails from Lost Angeles. On this track, Kershaw’s voice ascends and moves with ease, which further shows her sheer talent.

Outside of her own music, Kershaw has worked with fellow American artist SYML to bring a French version of his track “Where’s My Love” to life. Her voice glides like no other here.

If you’re looking for one last song recommendation on this spotlight, we recommend “Party Meds.” Its unique sound is charming, and the message lands with sincerity.

To stay up to date with Lily Kershaw, follow her on her social media accounts! She can be found  @Lily_Kershaw on Twitter and @lilykershaw on Instagram. She also has a website with the latest news about her career, including dates for her upcoming tour.

Finally, her music can be streamed and purchased everywhere you listen to music, including iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

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Written by Preston Smith

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