Artist Spotlight: James Francis and his single “Free To Be Me”

Last month, the Royal Wedding garnered a huge attention across the globe. Apart from the royal couple (Harry and Meghan Markle) who became the center of attention, the musical choir too became a part of people’s conversation online. Their rendition of “Stand by Me” was received quite well and it reached no 7 on iTunes chart.

Both Sharlene Monique and James Francis were part of the group and their vocal performance in the choir gave people a glimpse into their individual talent as artists. A few months ago, we reviewed Monique’s album and now we will be talking about Francis’ new single.

On 8th June, James Francis released his second single “Free To Be Me” along with a music video. For this track, the singer collaborated with the producer Chris Morris and the director Tyler Chalk.

As the title suggests, “Free To Be Me” is a liberating single that motivates the listener to be comfortable in her/his skin. The lyrics as well the video celebrate individuality and urge people to accept themselves for who they are and not for how others want them to be.

In terms of musicality, the singer has fused different styles in the track including funk, soul, jazz and others. The resulting song has a positive vibe and it radiates well in the music video too.

Directed by award-winning director Tyler Chalk, the video was filmed on a quiet residential road in Primrose Hill, London. The bright colours and iconic Victorian architecture are both a reflection of James’ quirky personality and his pride in being a born and bred Londoner

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Written by ayushi

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