Artist Spotlight: Celia Palli releases her single “Complicity”, ahead of her album release

Celia Palli embarked on her musical journey in the year 2009 when she got an opportunity to work with Nelly Furtado as her background vocalist. 5 years later, Palli introduced herself to the world again when she released her debut album in October 2014

Her single ‘I’ll Be Fine’ not only made it to the semi-finals of the ISC (International Songwriting Competition) but the music video was picked up by the Spanish TV stations and played regular across the country. The track counts over 1 million streams on Spotify. On April 2015, Spain’s national newspaper La Vanguardia and the Strenes Festival gave Celia the ‘New Artist Of The Year’ award and on May 30th, 2015, CBC announced the Official Hymn for the Pan Am games for which Celia wrote the Spanish lyrics “Together We Are One/Unidos Somos Más.”

Celia is returning to the music scene again. The singer-songwriter will soon be releasing her second album “Technicolours” and to give us a glimpse into her new project, Palli has released a new single titled “Complicity”.  Written with Vancouver-based artist Nashlyn, ‘Complicity’ is a captivating and sensual track that effortlessly showcases the vocals of Celia Palli. Speaking about the songwriting process, she said:

“In Spanish “complicity” is a positive word. If one can sense complicity between two lovers, it is seen as a compliment. I asked Nashlyn to write the lyrics with me and we used the connotations that this word has in English to help us describe the deep connection in the relationship I sing about.”

It’s interesting how Palli has used the method of wordplay to give a different narrative to her single. Taking control of her love, she presents her affair from the point of view of the society that sees her as a complicit woman, losing her identity in love. But Palli takes on the same word to show how she is ruling the game. Sonically, her playful sultry tone gives a different edge to the single.

Complicity is now available on all digital and streaming platforms, worldwide.

Listen to ‘Complicity’ on Soundcloud:

Listen to ‘Complicity’ on Spotify:

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