Artist Spotlight: Angel Lane

Pop music will never be the same after this autumn with solo artist Angel Lane set to release her debut studio album.

When asked what two words she would use to describe her album, Lane said, “Still learning,” explaining that the simple phrase captures her current phase both in life and especially in the music industry. These two words also act as the tentative title for the album since they encapsulate her journey. The album is slated for an unspecified November release.

“Still Learning” follows three singles that have been released by Lane, all of which are available on iTunes, Spotify, and Apple Music. “Waiting for each song to be done to put out an entire album sucks, because as soon I finish something, I love it, and I want to put it out immediately,” Lane said about the transition between releasing singles and a full album.

Success isn’t new for Lane either, as she performed a concert with actress and singer Sabrina Carpenter earlier this month. Yes, the same Sabrina Carpenter that starred in Disney’s Girl Meets World and is now a successful music artist. Lane cites Carpenter as one of her top 3 favorite artists and even went as far as to say she is the “greatest vocalist of our generation.” It comes as no surprise then that Lane says performing with Carpenter was the highlight of her career thus far. Lane laughingly added, “I made matching jackets for me and her, and I actually hid a note in the pocket that she’ll probably never find because it’s in one of those denim jackets and you have to unbutton it.”

Lane intends to perform a promotional show for “Still Learning” and will have more details on the show and album when a specific release date in November has been chosen. To stay up to date with Angel Lane, you can follow her on all of her social media accounts here:

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Written by Preston Smith

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