Artist Profile: Jsky

Fashionista, Singer, Songwriter, Event Organiser, Charity Fundraiser, is there anything that Jsky isn’t?

Bursting onto the scenes in 2018 with his brand new single, a proclamation of self-love, we just had to introduce you to this talented guy.

In a fitting theme to the song, the official music video for Myself, was released on Jsky’s VEVO channel on Valentine’s Day as a reminder to love everyone, and most importantly yourself. The song itself is catchy, addictive, dancey, and built up of a series of positive affirmations and mantras constantly screaming out for you to be in love with yourself. A beautiful use of his platform, in the medium of a song.

Check out the video for Myself below.

With 2017 being a hugely successful year for Jsky, we anticipate that 2018 will be just as successful, so make sure you keep up to date with him on all social media platforms.





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Written by Gabby Fabrizio

You'll probably find me drinking a very strong coffee or swaying away at a gig!

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