Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ Proves She is Here to Stay

Ariana Grande’s fourth studio album, Sweetener, has just dropped, and it’s done more than just sweeten the charts. Leading with powerhouse anthems such as “no tears left to cry” and “God is a woman,” Sweetener is a kaleidoscopic spectrum of love, light, and sheer energy.

Ariana transcends in full color with this album, showcasing why she’s one of the biggest names in pop. She opens the album with an etherial prelude, where her voice casually soars through the heavens. From there, each song is well-placed and balanced, creating a body of work that may be Ariana’s best yet.

When you view the album on Apple Music, their introduction notes that this album is Ariana’s first whose cover is in color and not imprisoned in black and white. And when you give the album a listen, it becomes clear why. She has a track titled “the light is coming,” but that’s only the beginning. This album is an exploration of love, and we venture further into that in tracks such as “sweetener” and “pete davidson,” which show how Ariana’s fiancé has positively impacted her life.

Because of how carefully-curated the album is, you can bet that Ariana was selective with her features. There are only three – Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, and Pharrell Williams – and they sprinkle just enough variety onto the album to keep it fresh.

Despite this album being slightly different from its predecessors, notes of old albums ring through. For example, “get well soon” is reminiscent of “Piano” in parts, with Ariana’s billowing voice and the, well, piano beat.

Overall, this album exemplifies Ariana’s happiness with her life at the moment – and we couldn’t be any more happy for her. Sweetener has only been out since last night, but some of our favorites, not including the singles, are “goodnight n go,” “R.E.M,” and “sweetener.” What are yours?

Sweetener can be streamed on Apple Music and Spotify and purchased on iTunes and everywhere else you buy your music. To keep up to date with Ariana Grande and her career, follow her @ArianaGrande on Twitter here and on Instagram here.

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Written by Preston Smith

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