The Songs from Ariana Grande’s ‘Sweetener’ RANKED

Ariana Grande’s fourth studio album, Sweetener, was released roughly a week and a half ago, and we at Fuzzable haven’t been able to stop listening to it. However, like any other album, some songs simply outshine others. While we appreciate and like all of them, this is our ranking of the album’s tracks:

15. “pete davidson”

Ariana’s voice is exceptional on this song like any other, but it’s short. While it’s wonderful to see her so happy, that is why the song has landed at this position.

14. “better off”

Like “pete davidson,” this is a good song, but the other tracks outshine it.

13. “get well soon”

The piano is great, and the tribute at the end is powerful. But as far as the song itself is concerned, we feel it’s trapped in the shadow of its brethren.

12. “successful”

Ariana singing about her success is everything we’ve needed. But after listening to this song, you leave wanting more from it. You want a power moment where she showcases her voice more.

11. “everytime”

Ariana embraces an R&B sound here, and it works pretty well.

10. “blazed” feat. Pharrell Williams

Ariana doesn’t always do collaborations, but when she does they’re always fun. “Blazed” is no exception. This song is great to bop to while cleaning or doing school work.

9. “borerline” feat. Missy Elliot

“Borderline” sees another collaboration, this time with Missy Elliot. This track is smooth, and Missy’s verse blends it excellently.

8. “R.E.M”

“R.E.M” is, well, dreamy. Ariana’s voice floats over the comparatively subtle beat, and it has potential to be a good single if released as one.

7. “the light is coming” feat. Nicki Minaj

This song gets better each time we listen to it. It sounds repetitive at first, but there are layers to be unpacked. Also, the bass during the chorus is phenomenal.

6. “breathin”

It’s no wonder this song went #1 without being a single. “Breathin” highlights everything great about Ariana’s voice and style.

5. “goodnight n go”

Ariana’s voice is what lands this song in the top 5. “Goodnight n go” is the perfect song to allow her voice to shine while being relatable and catchy.

4. “raindrops (an angel cried)”

This opening track may be extremely short, but Ariana’s belt in it proves her musical prowess and because of that is easily in our top 5.

3. “sweetener”

The title track itself. Ariana is living her best life currently, and this song showcases that. It’s relatable and brilliantly executed.

2. “God is a woman”

The message. The lyrics. The vocals. The music video. Everything about this song is perfect.

1. “no tears left to cry”

Honestly, this song and “God is a woman” can be interchanged for #1. They’re both absolutely brilliant. This song is simply placed here because of how we can’t stop listening to it, despite it being out for a long time as a single. It never gets old, and that’s a true testament to a good song.

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Written by Preston Smith

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