Are You Scared Of The Gym?

Everywhere you look around recently, there is always someone advertising the typical “new year new you” lifestyle. All the stores are selling the cutest gym sets, trainers are on sale and gym memberships are discounted! The gyms are packed and everyone is working off their Christmas weight gain.

However to some, the gym can feel like one of the scariest places on the planet! There are anxiety triggers everywhere even though it does not have to be somewhere to fear and should be a place to feel fantastic! We are here to tackle those anxieties and help you on your journey to feeling fabulous.

Anxiety #1 : Everyone Will Stare At Me

This is one of the most common worries among first time gym goers! The reality of the situation is actually the exact opposite, the majority of people won’t even notice you’re there. Everybody around you have goals of their own, which they are busy concentrating on and working towards. You yourself will barely take into account those around you and what they are doing. Trust us… you’ll fit right in!

Anxiety #2: I’m Gonna Make A Fool Of Myself

The most important thing to remember is that we are only human, we all do things wrong every now and then. Sometimes you drop a weight, can’t start a machine or in our case drop your iPod on the treadmill. Although, in about 40 seconds no one will even remember! The majority of people will not have even looked up, or hear you for their headphones. Besides, they’ve all probably done exactly the same thing before themselves!

Anxiety #3: I’m Not As Strong Or Can’t Run As Fast

Here’s the thing, the gym isn’t about being the fastest or strongest one there! It is about doing what feels right for you. The people around you may be cross country runners, bike riders or body builders, that doesn’t mean you have to be! Remember never compare yourself to others, everyone’s goals are different. Be true to you and be yourself.

Anxiety #4: I’m Not As Skinny As Others

People come in all shapes and sizes, there is no ‘perfect body’. We are all beautiful in our own ways and have our own stories. Do not compare yourself to others, people will love you for who you are not your dress size! Besides, size is just a number so don’t let it define you.

Anxiety #5: I Don’t Have Fancy Gym Gear

Just because you don’t have the latest new trainers or the most expensive outfits, doesn’t make you any less worthy. You’ll soon find out there is no perfect outfit and actually people wear a variety of things. Everything from coats, jumpers and every day clothes. As long as your getting fit and having fun, nothing else matters. Flaunt your fitness not your finances.

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Written by Amy Carr

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