A view of a sign for a Pandora jewellery shop in London.

Are you ready for Harry Potter X Pandora collection?

Yes, it’s happening! Thanks to Pandora, the Danish jewelry brand, Potterheads all over the world, will be able to wear charms themed to the magical world of Harry Potter very soon!

Since its inception, the universe of Harry, Ron, and Hermoine has entangled with ours, giving us a world where we the divide between real and the unreal don’t matter. We feel the pride of Hermoine, the pain of Harry, the warmth of Ron, and the communal bond of the Hogwarts. Be it the books or the movies, we have been drawn to an amazing real by J.K.Rowling.

A wand like our favorite character, a scarf of the house we let ourselves sorted in – of course, we all have such little memorabilia at home. Whichever way we fed and lived out our love for the wizarding world of Harry Potter until now, Pandora is going to lift the whole thing to the next level.

While we patiently wait for Potter, the collection for The Lion King, Aladdin and Mary Poppins Returns is already out. Check them on Pandora’s website.

Which Harry Potter related item would you like to see in Pandora’s collection?

Let us know @Fuzzable and get our Potterheards to gather some more ideas!

Written by Vanessa

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