Are Medical Spas Safe?

Medical spas offer a wide range of medical beauty procedures alongside the more traditional treatments that you would find in a beauty spa. Since their inception just over twenty years ago their popularity has boomed. They offer a relaxed atmosphere along with long lasting treatments that before you would have to visit a doctor’s office for.

Are they safe to visit though? Well in concept they are absolutely fine as long as they are run correctly. It is a bit like asking if a car is safe. It’s perfectly safe unless driven by a maniac. So how would you know if a spa is safe? The majority are safe but you can put your mind at peace by following some simple guidelines.


Make sure you have an evaluation by a medical professional

The difference between a day spa and a med spa is you will be offered and may choose to undergo a medical treatment. A day spa is going to offer you a facial and a massage which shouldn’t have any risks involved. Anyone offering medical treatments however should have a doctor, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner present to examine and evaluate you before you have any type of procedure. There are some treatments like chemical peels and the aforementioned facial that don’t need this but if you are having fillers for lips or botox then you should ask for a professional to see you first. Don’t feel afraid to ask for the credentials of the staff either.


Don’t go for discounts

Everybody loves a discount and you would be daft to throw away a discount for a restaurant or a trip to the cinema but a medical procedure is something else. You wouldn’t ask for a discount when getting a tattoo and it’s the same at a med spa. you get what you pay for. This is your body and your face and if the doctor needs to offer discounts and Groupons to get clients then you should question their experience and maybe their reputation.


It is established

You might be going to a med spa to make yourself look younger but for the med spa itself longevity is something to look for. If they are long established then it means they have a good track record and no problems. Spas do come and go and it is usually because someone had a bad treatment and got hurt and sued them. The longer the spa has been operating the better. Don’t write off a New Medical Spa but this is something worth considering.


Get recommendations

If at all possible get a personal recommendation from a friend. This doesn’t guarantee you will have the same experience but it is certainly a positive. Also look for reviews. People quickly jump on their keyboard when something goes wrong so read up on the good and the bad reviews and make a judgement from both. Google is your friend and a search for the name of the spa will bring up any news articles.


After care

A very important area that should not be overlooked. You should be given a way to contact the spa in the event of any issues arising after your treatment. They should tell you about the post-treatment protocol and follow up appointments. You should be told of anything you should or shouldn’t do immediately after the treatment such as staying out of the sunshine for at least a week after a chemical peel.


Ask questions and make sure you get answers

Before entering into any medical beauty treatment make sure you are able to ask any questions you may have and also receive all the answers you want. Have you been told about the potential risks? If you are not being given the information you want then look for another med spa. A safe, professional spa operator will be happy to answer all of your questions.


Plastic surgery

Take extra care if proceeding with any surgery. If you are going to undergo some form of aesthetic surgery then make sure it is being done by a plastic surgeon or cosmetic dermatologist.

So all in all med spas should be safe but like all businesses there are some practitioners who cut corners or use staff that are unqualified or inexperienced. Follow these guidelines and you can be happier that the med spa you choose is going to be reputable, professional and safe.


Remember to ask all the questions you want and get the right answers, ask for an evaluation from a medical professional, make sure they are compliant, check out the reviews and any reports on the spa online and check how long the spa has been operating for.

Written by Monella

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