Fuzzable Blogs: March 5 – 5 iPhone apps I couldn’t live without

March is here already, and I wanted to try something different for this month’s blog. I’ve taken a look through my phone and singled out five apps that I really couldn’t live without…

Google Photos

Before Christmas, I was stuck with a 16GB iPhone and I always seemed to come close to my storage limit. Google Photos makes it virtually impossible to run out of storage on your phone, and it makes accessing your images and videos super easy, whatever device you’re using.

I’ve never been a fan of iCloud Photos or the Photos app for Mac, so I switched to Google and I’m really pleased I did. Recently, I’ve also been trying out their image scan feature to scan in old photos from my childhood, too; I really want to archive everything my parents have so I can look back in the future without having boxes and boxes of old photographs!

Baby Jack with blonde hair

Google Authenticator

I’m really security conscious, and I cannot recommend Google Authenticator enough. This tool creates temporary codes that you have to type into apps like Google, Facebook, LastPass and other personal accounts online to verify your identity and make sure that nobody can access your info without permission. It means that, even if someone was able to find out your username and password, they’d still need your phone and a unique six-digit pin that was only valid for thirty seconds, making it virtually impossible for someone to get into your account. Phew-ee.


Last year I was invited to join Monzo, an online-only bank that has no physical branches. It’s now one of my favourite apps of all time, and it’s changed the way I bank and manage my money. No, this isn’t a sponsored article, I’m just truly in love with Monzo and the way it gives you the power to control and monitor your spending. Many banking apps in the UK are slow, clunky and don’t really function in the way you’d want or expect them to, but with Monzo, you can see what you’ve spent, where you’ve spent it and when. It’s really opened my eyes to the way I spend money.


I was a bit of a late adopter of Reddit, but now I’m fully converted and it’s an app that I spend time on every day of the week. Yes, it’s purely for procrastinating and yes, it sometimes keeps me awake longer than it should, but it’s great fun and it also gives me ideas for new content. I also subscribe to a number of Subreddits, and that list is growing as I explore the platform more!

AdBlock Plus

So, running a bunch of websites that rely on advertising to stay alive, I should probably be against apps like AdBlock, but it’s a lifesaver when you’re on the go. There’s nothing worse than a website that’s littered with adverts – especially those overlay and pop-up ones that you have to close before you can read the content. And don’t get me started on those videos that appear out of nowhere and start playing when you’re in the middle of reading an article. Ads suck.

What apps could you not live without? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, and check back next month (on the fifth) for my next blog!

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