Apps To Help You To Manage Your Anxiety

Anxiety is a mental illness that many individuals suffer with, but it isn’t impossible to control.

Since technology has been a thing, it has created apps for anything and everything, even mental illnesses.

To help those who struggle, here’s a list of free apps that may help you manage your anxiety just that bit better.


Calm describes itself as ‘simple mindfulness meditation app that brings clarity and peace of mind into your life.’ The app has a selection of relaxing music to try and keep you peaceful while feeling anxious. YouTuber Zoella also recommended this app in her in a Q&A and said it has helped her during anxious situations.

Anxiety Free

This app uses self-hypnosis techniques to lessen stress and anxious feelings. It uses 90 minute long sessions to guide you to slowly dropping the weight your anxious thoughts, so this may be more useful if you have more time to spare. This app is only available to iPhone users.


Headspace is one of the highest rated apps to help with anxiety. It features meditation and mindfulness techniques to help you manage stress, improve your well-being, and lead you to become much happier. The guided techniques take 10 minutes to slowly help you progress and the app allows you to track this progress.

The Worry Box

The Worry Box is an app that was designed to help people cope with worry and learn how to manage it. When you’re facing the emotion, the app gives you a list of coping mechanisms to help regain control of your thoughts.

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