Anime Binge: 5 Short Anime to watch in a day!

We all love squeezing days out of our busy lives and watch never-ending 100-episode-anime like Black Clover, Fairy Tail, and One Piece. But we always have an option to switch to shorter anime and finish them within the span of hours. So, today we’ve put together a list of anime that are currently sitting at 16 or less episodes that you can watch them within a day. Some of these animes are finished and some of them are still waiting for new seasons!

Yuri On Ice

First up, we have the very popular (and rightly so) anime, Yuri On Ice that premiered back in October 2016 centering around the sport of figure skating.

The main character, Yuri Katsuki, is struggling a lot as he has just suffered a crushing defeat at the Grand Prix Final along with some other competition losses along the way. He’s thrown into confusion about what to do when he returns to his home town. At his home’s skating rink, he performs for one of his friends, a famous routine by figure skating powerhouse, Victor Nikiforov. After the video ends up online, Victor sees it and decides to give up skating for a year to go and coach Yuri to win the Grand Prix Final.

Although this causes a stir with the upcoming 15-year-old skater, Yuri Plisetsky who follows Victor to Japan to demand that he must keep his promise of choreographing a routine especially for him if he wins the junior championships. The two Yuri’s battle it out for Victor to coach them. Yuri K wins and Victor agrees to be his coach, Yuri P heads back to Russia to work and beat Yuri at the Grand Prix.

Yuri On Ice is an easy to watch anime that will absolutely warm your heart through and through. The relationship development between, but not only, Yuri, Yuri and Victor but between them and all the other skaters is worth a watch. It also has a very raw and real representation on what it’s like to live with anxiety and how hard it can be to come back from as well as it showing an onscreen LGBTQ+ relationship are just a couple of reasons the show is so loved by so many fans.

Death Parade

Death Parade is a 2015 anime that continues to prove popular with new and old fans of the show. People seem to absolutely adore Death Parade as soon as they watch it and with good reason too.

Death Parade is set in the afterlife where people end up at one of many bars within a tower that is owned by these bartenders called arbiters. In the bar, the pairs that turn up have to take place in one of the games that the bar decides with their souls on the line. The results of the games then lead them to realize how they go there in the first place and all the secrets they are holding between themselves, they also help the arbiters decide which of them gets reincarnated and which one gets sent into the void.

The main bar that we follow through the series is run by an arbiter called Decim who does his job as a lonely arbiter to decide the fate of the people that he meets. That is until one day, he meets a mysterious black-haired woman who becomes his partner within the bar to help make these decisions.

Death Parade is an anime that you will 100% want to binge in as little time as possible because it is immediate attention-grabber. It has a very interesting premise along with some incredibly layered characters that you’ll want to know more about as well as some very interesting people walking in and out of the bars. And you’ll, of course, be left after each episode craving to know more about the black-haired woman and what her story is.

Also, you’ll fall in love with the opening song.

Angels of Death

Angels of Death is an anime from 2018 that is actually based on a Japanese horror game with the same name. As you can imagine from its origins and name, it’s a pretty dark, gritty and sometimes very scary anime so do proceed with caution if you want to go into it.

The story follows a 13-year-old girl called Rachel who wakes up in the basement of a building with no memories apart from her name and some grasp as to why she came to the hospital in the first place. She quickly learns that this isn’t as innocent as it seems when she comes face to face with some notorious people in the building and learns that they’re all killers who have their own floor within the building to kill the people that end up there.

That is, until she meets Zack who is about to kill her when the two of them make a deal with each other. If Rachel helps Zack escape from the building, Zack will kill Rachel himself which is what she wants him to do. With the deal in place, the two of them set upwards to go to each floor, rid themselves of the person they find, and escape the basement.

As we mentioned, Angels of Death is an anime that you have to go into with some caution because of how dark it can get. There’s a lot of murder as well as a lot of twists and turns within its 16 episodes running but you will want to keep watching. It’s an anime that never seems to leave an episode without a cliffhanger making you crave the next one. It is a bit longer than some of the others on this list but it is definitely worth the watch.

The Promised Neverland

The Promised Neverland is a new anime that was broadcast only last year, set in the year 2045, centering around an orphan named Emma who is 11 years old and lives in a self-contained orphanage with 37 other people. The orphanage treats their children well, making sure they’re all well fed, clothed, have comfortable beds and games as well as a lot of love for their mother figure named Isabelle.

Emma always hangs around with her two best friends, Norman and Ray who have a very beautiful friendship between them. They’re allowed complete freedom within the orphanage but are not allowed to venture beyond the grounds of the gates of the orphanage which connects the house and the outside world together.

When one night, an orphan called Conny gets sent away for adoption, Emma and her friends follow because Conny left behind her stuffed bunny toy and they find out the secret of the orphanage and what they’re being raised for.

Again, The Promised Neverland can be anime that is really hard to watch. It takes so many twists and turns and just transitions into something completely unexpected. It’s an anime that you will not be able to turn away from once you start watching. It has thirteen episodes and is currently waiting for the second season that is due to be premiered in 2021!


Given has become a very popular anime that premiered in the summer of 2019 based on the manga of the same name. The manga itself is kind of split in half with two main story arcs, the first of which is the one the anime covers and then it’s rumored that the Given movie will focus more on the second arc of the manga.

The show focuses primarily on the character Mafuyu who appears to live on his own and carries a guitar around with him everywhere he goes. When one day, Uenoyama finds Mafuyu in the spot he usually uses to nap during the school day, he finds that Mafuyu clearly has no prior knowledge on how to play or look after a guitar because he doesn’t know how to change a broken string.

After a lot of begging, Uenoyama agrees to teach Mafuyu how to play the guitar and invites him to come and watch his band play. But, when he discovers that Mafuyu actually has an amazing vocal talent, he invites him to join the band with the other guys because they need a vocalist. Although Mafuyu isn’t a master on guitar, the other guys take to him pretty quickly because of the beautiful vocals he can produce.

As the band leads up to their first show, Mafuyu really struggles to write the lyrics for one of the songs they’re meant to be performing. This proves to provide tension in Mafuyu and Uenoyama’s relationship because the reason he was invited into the band in the first place was because he could sing and Uenoyama doesn’t seem to understand why he can’t do what he needs to do.

Given is an anime that seems on the surface to be a really soft heartwarming anime which it is, there is also a huge trigger warning on it for suicide and alcohol abuse so if those two things trigger you, definitely give this one a miss!

Given is truly heartbreaking, heartwarming, and will make you laugh and cry throughout the entirety of the eleven episodes but, like I said, to proceed with caution as it does deal with some very heavy topics. But, if you think you won’t be triggered, then definitely give it a watch as it’s an anime that you’ll never forget, that’s for sure. The movie which was originally meant to air in May 2020 has unfortunately been put back now but it is definitely coming!

So there you have it! Some short animes that you can definitely watch within the space of a day or two and will hopefully really become invested in and enjoy! Have you watched any of these animes yet? If you have, let us know by tweeting us @Fuzzable!

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