The Seasons of ‘American Horror Story’ RANKED

American Horror Story is a television series everyone has an opinion about, and we’re here to share ours! Being an anthology series, each season presents a different premise with seasons occasionally overlapping with each other to create some sort of continuity. Everyone has their favorite seasons and characters, so without further ado here are the seasons of American Horror Story ranked:

8. Freak Show

Coming in last on our list is Freak Show. This season isn’t terrible, but it also doesn’t fit in the best with the rest of the seasons in our opinion. It’s still fine to watch, but we feel that a circus-themed season could have been handled slightly better.

7. Cult

We were skeptical of this season when we first heard about it, but we were ultimately glad we gave it a chance. Though this season slightly differs from those before it, it’s interesting and timely. We just believe other seasons outrank it with their plot and humor.

6. Hotel

Lady Gaga is simply divine, isn’t she? This season is fascinating and an interesting idea, but we felt there were parts where the execution could have been better. Other than that, it’s a good season!

5. Roanoke

Roanoke is a risky season with its different style of storytelling, but in our opinions it completely works. The only reason it’s number five on this list is because the other seasons are great as well, not because this season is bad. On the contrary, we at Fuzzable simply loved Roanoke as it aired – and we adored seeing Lana Winters in the end.

4. Murder House

The very first season, and a great one at that! Murder House is unique in that it focuses on a family, where the rest of the seasons usually do not. The plot twists throughout this season keep it fresh as you binge it.

3. Coven

Coven is an iconic season and easily one of the best. It managed to be culturally aware with witchcraft and voodoo and their practices while also being deliciously fantastical. No complaints here!

2. Asylum

This season was dark and gritty and everything we could have wanted it to be. It maintained being interesting while being bleak at times – and we think it takes a lot of talent to do that. Plus, Jessica Lange singing “The Name Game” is iconic.

1. Apocalypse

And here we have our favorite season thus far: Apocalypse. Though it’s just aired, the pace of the season was brilliant. The comedy was always perfect, and it balanced the comedy with drama and gore extremely well. It had wonderful character development and a great plot.

Which seasons of American Horror Story are your favorite? Comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your opinions!

Written by Preston Smith

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