Alessandro Michele Unveils New Gucci Collection By Harry Styles

“Ultimately, this collection is a true act of love.” – Alessandro Michele

Harry Styles has collaborated with Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele, and created an exclusive capsule collection- the Gucci HA HA HA collection, and we are simply gushing and swooning.

Harry Styles contributed his artistic vision to this upcoming whimsical collection, which was unveiled in Milan, and includes the pieces and elements you’re used to seeing the 28-year-old pop singer in. The quirky name of the capsule collection took inspiration from the “Ha Ha Ha” salutation, a loose translation of the laughing emoji, and ironically, a combination of the first initials of Harry and Alessandro. Isn’t that a fascinating coincidence?

Alessandro Gucci via Instagram

Unveiled during Milan’s season fashion week at a historic vintage boutique, “Cavalli e Nasri,” one of the oldest vintage stores in Milan. Highlighting the vintage essence of the capsule collection, they used a backdrop of art and objects spanning decades, thus proclaiming the historical significance infused with a new perception and conception of beauty in the modern era.

The Gucci HA HA HA capsule collection includes flared trousers, velvet double-breasted suit jackets, checkered tweed jackets, woollen sweater vests and in-your-face, vividly patterned jackets—all of which come with unique detailing with a love heart, cherries and sheep motifs, as well as teddy bear brooches, pendants and a Gavroche cap, which Styles usually gets styled in.

So if there’s a piece of him you want to dress up in (pun intended), this is your chance!

Harry Styles and Gucci have a rich, protracted, and vibrant history of collaborating on various projects over the past couple of years. The pop phenomenon’s own fondness for Gucci reflects in his own personal wardrobe, red carpets and his tour costumes, all of which are customized and tailor-made outfits designed by Gucci’s creative director, Alessandro Michele.

The Harry’s House singer also donned the unforgettable and spectacular Gucci frilly gown to grace the cover of American Vogue in December 2020; during Gucci brand campaigns; to musical performances, to Met Gala’s black lace jumpsuit; to the 2021 GRAMMY-award stage lime green Gucci faux fur boa with an all-leather outfit.

Harry Styles via Gucci Instagram

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that their friendship and fondness for fashion go together like unicorns and rainbows, like a perfect match made in heaven. During a press conference in Milan, Michele described the forthcoming collection and highlighted how their shared love of fashion brought them together. He recalled his first memory of meeting Harry and said,

“We’ve known each other for such a long time, and our shared obsession for fashion is what has drawn us together. When I first met Harry, he had just ventured into his solo career, and I had just started at Gucci. He had chosen an outfit for one of his appearances and asked to see me.I was ready to be dismissive because I thought he was some sort of upcoming singer from a boy band and I didn’t have time for that. But then he came to the meeting dressed in a fabulous fake fur coat and I just loved it. I changed my mind in an instant. That’s how our friendship started.”

Alessandro Michele felt evidently enchanted at having found such a sophisticated, wise and fashion-obsessed friend. “We send each other floods of images of what we like, and he has very accurate references like he will send me a vintage photo of Serge Gainsbourg’s pinstripe suit with details of the lapel.”

Alessandro shared his assessment, thought process and creative process behind Gucci’s HA HA HA capsule collection. He asserted that he got the inspiration from the intense discussions and text messaging between Styles and Michele sharing Pinterest-like fashion mood boards, sharing their fashion affinities and suggestions.

“Harry has a very clear and precise point of view, on top of great instinct, and he chooses his clothes with much care. The idea of this capsule is banal in its simplicity, and it’s an act of love, but it has value, it’s sophisticated and we paid a lot of attention to fabrics and sartorial details. It was a lighthearted activity and easy with this kind of relationship. But the result is serious.”

Throughout the Gucci HA HA HA collection, Alessandro Michele and Harry Styles reinterpret the complex and nuanced codes that define the men’s wardrobe, prompting playful moments for the spontaneous styling of the House’s motifs. Stitched into the label of the new collection that gathers the elements characterizing their artistic paths and peculiarities, their relationship finds a tangible expression.

Harry Styles via Instagram

“He’s the most courageous person in all the choices he makes, and he’s intuitively attuned to the new ways of self-representation. His repertoire is vast, he has an interesting idea of sexy, and he’s extremely articulate and aware in his eclectic approach.” Michele continued to show his admiration for Harry Styles at the press conference in Milan.

Upon announcing on Instagram, Alessandro wrote,

“The idea of working together came to me one day while we were talking on the phone. I proposed creating a “dream wardrobe” with him, starting from those small oddities that come together in childlike visions. We ended up with a mix of aesthetics from 1970s pop and bohemian to the revision of the image of the gentleman in an overturned memory of men’s tailoring.”

Here’s your first look at Harry Styles and Alessandro Michele’s Gucci capsule collection. It will bow in the brand’s stores in mid-October, 2022!

(Image Source: Courtesy of Gucci/ Alessandro Michele via Instagram)

“Pleased with the fact that Ha Ha Ha’s high levels of execution were on par with those of the one-of-a-kind garments of that time,” Michele said, “There’s nothing as beautifully done as custom-made vintage.” 

“Fashion is like surfing in life. It’s like the revolving doors of a grand hotel, and it makes sparkles fly like when you were a child,” concluded Michele. “Ultimately, this collection is a true act of love.”

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