Alesha Dixon, Katie Piper & Faye Tozer talk growing older whilst keeping it stylish

Alesha Dixon has launched the third episode of her debut podcast series Wear It’s At.

The third episode, Am I Adulting? sees Alesha joined by philanthropist, television presenter and author, Katie Piper, and singer-songwriter Faye Tozer, who rose to fame as part of the Brit award-winning pop group, Steps.

The trio discuss what being an adult even means, their experiences on their journey to ‘adulthood’ and whether it’s possible to grow up, without growing boring!

On growing older:

  • You couldn’t pay me to be in my 20s again.” – Alesha Dixon
  • It’s so interesting how so many people put an emphasis on age and worry about getting older, but everybody I know, there only seems to be positive benefits to maturing, and getting older and wiser and more conscious and awake and aware. Life is just more peaceful, I think, within yourself as you get older.” – Alesha Dixon

On style evolution:

  • My style’s got better as I’ve got older. I just feel like it’s an expression of how I’m feeling and who I am. I’m just as comfortable in a tracksuit, but if I want to wear a short skirt and get my legs out, then I don’t feel like I shouldn’t because I’m 40. I still feel like, if you’ve got it, then flaunt it.” – Alesha Dixon

On personal style: 

  • If I dress a certain way, it kind of communicates how I want to be treated, how I want to be viewed. And, it might not necessarily be the best look on me, but for me, it might have empowered me, it might have communicated something that I couldn’t communicate myself in other ways.” – Katie Piper

On social media: 

  • We’re seeing, on social media, so much more diversity in age, body shape, size.” – Katie Piper

Wear It’s At is a six-part series, created in partnership with Stitch Fix – a billion-dollar online styling service new to the UK, that combines human styling with artificial intelligence to create a smarter, faster and more enjoyable shopping experience.

You can listen to the podcast here.

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