Album Review: ‘Watching the Sky’ by Sheppard

On February 7, 2018, indie-pop band Sheppard announced the release date for their new upcoming album. Watching the Sky is the confirmed title for the album and it was expected to be released in the middle of the year.

“I think May is definitely the month for Sheppard album number 2,” George said during an online Q&A video.

On June 8, the album made its worldwide release, containing 14 tracks with hits such as Coming Home, Edge of the Night, and Keep Me Crazy.

Since their last album Bombs Away that was released in mid-2014, Sheppard has released 3 singles and a cover EP titled Undercover. The song “Coming Home” has ranked #30 over in the Australian iTunes charts and the music video for “Edge of the Night” reached 1.5 million views on YouTube.

What to expect in the new album?

Based on hearing the songs performed live during the Keep Me Crazy Tour as well as what’s in the album itself, expect a slight change of music style compared to the songs on their last album. The songs are more upbeat than last time yet with a few heartfelt tracks such as “Live for You” and “Sorry.” Most of the songs in the album are songs that you could easily dance or perhaps sing during your carpool karaoke.

The theme of ‘home’

Some of the songs on the album revolve around the theme of going home or returning to familiar faces. Songs such as “Hometown,” “Riding the Wave,” and “Coming Home” give off and describe the idea of being home with someone like family and friends. Meanwhile, songs such as “Live For You” and “I Was Lost” revolve around the memories of people lost along the way. And there are songs such as “Call Me Up” and “Riding the Wave” that give off a ‘homely vibe’ – like when you’re listening to these songs, you’d feel like you’re in a jam session with friends and just want to have a good time.

The best thing about creating the album is being able to express yourself musically. It’s so much fun entering into the studio everyday and realise there are endless possibilties of sounds you can make” – George Sheppard during a face to face interview with me in Sydney.

Overall, the album is worth listening to. Some songs have that familiar music style that Sheppard is known for in their previous works but also expect something new and different. So far, my favourite song is “Live For You” as I relate to the lyrics.

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