Album Review: Inkfields’ “Beneath The Waves”

On 26th January, Inkfields released his album “Beneath the Waves”. The bold set of adventurous new songs within the LP takes in indie-disco anthems, ethereal electronica, baroque folk and guitar-hero riffs and is unified by Samuel James-Griffith’s songwriting skill and urgent vocals. Some of the songs from the album were written by Griffith years ago when Inkfields was not even in the picture.

For the lovers of alternative rock who might be looking out for new works in the genre, we at Fuzzable have reviewed the complete album and would like to share our review and interpretation:


This album is not something that can be comprehended easily on first listen. The subject matter dealt by the singer in his project is variegated and ranges from themes of the identity crisis, environment conservation to politics. To bind all the narratives, the artist has made a selection of right order and instruments and has managed to keep his listeners engaged.

Setting the right tone with a prologue

Like any well-structured narrative that begins with a prologue, “Beneath the Waves” too starts with an instrumental declaration of a movement. “The Last Ebb” sets a tone for the “quest” that the singer will be embarking on with his singles.

Rebel with a question

The first three songs from the album- “Who is the Fire?”, “Snare Yourself” and “The Nights like These” are addressed to any individual who has lost his/her identity to “power” and is now plagued by his/her own “self”. The individual is the tool for the “powerful” to make others join the trail. Questioning “who do you think you are?” then, is an act of rebellion. Inkfields has identified the culprits and wants others to recognize them too:

You know the truth will find me, it finds a way.

Calling out the disillusioned

Singles like “Gate In The Blue” and “Roll of the Dice” talks about that “one moment” when the life takes a major turn. The change is not unexpected but a consequence of a revelation.  One might run away from it or embrace it but the effort is the best and the only medium of contribution. In his tracks, “Garden of Delusion” and “Black Sails”, the singer calls out the pallbearers of hatred. In the former track, Inkfields emphasizes on the futility of war. He calls out the responsible and says:

The screams of a thousand lives will echo in your ears

I’d rather be your victim, then to live life in your shoes

Hey you, soldier, the time has come to change your mind and

Live right, tonight, drop your guns and see the light

and stop this bloodshed, your pointless journey to hell fire

Paradise has got no place for Isis

The title of the “Beneath the Waves” finds its meaning in “Black Sails”. The song questions man’s ignorance. Talking of the wrath that resides beneath the patient sea, the single puts forth the follies of power that make the man blind to his own end. As mentioned earlier, the singer through this album, wanted to talk about the ocean and the dilapidated condition, our source of survival is in. The message is clear- the act of some will bring destruction to all:

What do you say when you feel it’s over?

What do you think now you’re going over?

Tossing, twirling, twisting through the murky depths

Tables turning, better beg for mercy!

Culminating on a positive note

But as per the artist, there is still some hope. He culminates his album on an optimistic note. He wishes people to come out of “manufactured life” and built an identity of their own. Inkfields is the messenger from “Sign of the Times” who wants his listeners to escape to a better world.

The album has a strong narrative which does leave an impact on the listener. It has the sound of a voyage which is indicative of a major quest. The artist has made a perfect use of the instruments and each instrument has been given its space within songs. “Beneath the Waves” then, is a must listen.

We loved the album. You can stream it on SoundCloud:

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Written by ayushi

Hello! I am Ayushi from India. I love writing poetry, listening to K-POP and spending time alone. Writing is what defines me and I am on the journey to make the definition as good as possible.

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