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Album Review: Bebe Rexha’s Debut Album Exceeds ‘Expectations’

An album that transcends genre, Bebe Rexha’s long-awaited Expectations delivers emotion-filled hit after hit.

We already knew Bebe was musically versatile from her EPs, but this body of work showcases her range perfectly. Bebe serves iconic pop choruses on “I Got You,” goes sultrily back and forth with Quavo on the sexy “2 Souls of Fire,” slows it down with Florida Georgia Line on the country-infused “Mean to Be,” and puts her own unique sound on “Shining Star.”

In addition to her versatility, the emotion imbued in the album’s tracks combined with Bebe’s willingness to discuss mental health make her album shine. Her openness regarding mental health dates all the way back to her first EP, which included songs such as “I’m Gonna Show You Crazy.”

Here, though, Bebe sings about being sad and ultimately being comfortable being sad. She has opened up through songs and through Twitter about her personal struggles, and this song could not be any more relatable. This raw, human side of Bebe brings an authenticity to her music that, along with her stellar voice, makes her song and Expectations stand out.

It’s obvious Bebe cares a lot about her music, but on “Ferrari” she sings that she’s been living in the fast lane and wants to slow down to find love, too. As a supplement to this, on “I’m a Mess” Bebe sings about enamored and embarrassed because of her love. Through all of her songs, she remains relatable and unafraid to show her emotions.

Finally, Bebe kept the features on the album minimal, and because of it she shines without ever being overshadowed. Florida Georgia Line, Quavo, an Tory Lanez all add unique flavors to their respective tracks, but the rest of the album finds Bebe singing her truth. We cannot wait to see what comes next for this icon.

Expectations can be found everywhere you buy and stream music. To stay up to date with Bebe, follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

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