Advice: How To Slow Things Down In A Relationship

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“Hello! I just started seeing this boy that I’ve had a crush on for forever! But the problem is that he’s being a little pushy with the whole “physical” stuff. How can I tell him I’m not ready yet or want to move slower without him thinking I’ve lost interest? Thank you!” – Rosie. 

 Hello Rosie! Thanks for your submission.

Relationships can certainly be tricky; especially in the beginning because you’re still trying to understand the ropes of each other. But don’t worry! This is totally normal.

Sometimes guys have difficulty understanding why women feel the way they do. In ANYTHING. It’s almost as if they forget that we’re women. But we’ve found that the success behind any healthy relationship is honesty. So with that being said, just tell him how you feel! Let him know you’re not as comfortable as you should be or that you’re not quite ready to take things to the next level. Remind him that that doesn’t mean you care for him any less, but rather you want to make sure you don’t lose sight of the important aspects. If he wants to be with you/cares for you in the way he claims to, hopefully this shouldn’t be a problem.

Relationships are all about compromise. You and your partner should always make an effort to understand where each other are coming from and should never make one another feel guilty for feeling the things that you do.

Good luck, darling! x

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Written by victoria

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