Adolescent Production Company Features Content By Gen Z For Gen Z

Generation Z is the group that comes after millennials, with their ages being under nineteen years old. As the group who has grown up on technology, Generation Z has an advantage over others, which will come in useful when joining the workforce. Employers have definitely taken notice, and that is why so many people are looking for young talent with fresh and original ideas for a young audience.

About Adolescent

One agency that has jumped on this idea is Adolescent, which is a global digital youth studio that serves as a think tank, a production studio and a digital platform. Its entire business is focused on recruiting Gen Z talent by mentoring and signing teenage producers and directors under the age of 25.

In terms of a think tank, the Adolescent team covers ideation, brand strategy, content creation and media distribution all targeted at youth. As a production company, Adolescent represents dozens of youth directors as young as the age of thirteen, who create high production value commercials, branded content, photographs, social media assets, web series and films. Some brands that are involved are Beat’s Music app, NASCAR, Netflix, Nike and Target. The agency’s digital platform can be found on There, visitors will find an entertaining online magazine with original video and editorial content made by young creators illustrating the power of Adolescent.

Who is behind Adolescent?

Adolescent was founded by Ramaa Mosley in 2014, a filmmaker and social advocate who directed her first award-winning documentary at the age of 16. Over the past seventeen years, Mosley has directed feature films and hundreds of award winning commercials. Recently, Mosley gave a Ted Talk about being a teen director called “The Power of Adolescent Directors”. Directing her own films at a young age really gave Mosley the passion to help other adolescents with similar goals. Apart from being a filmmaker, Mosley is also interested in social advocacy. She launched the US social media campaign ‘Bring Back Our Girls,’ which brought the story of 276 kidnapped Nigerian School Girls to the mainstream media.

Mosley is currently the CEO of Adolescent Content and oversees the mentoring of all its youth filmmakers, as well as new campaigns and creation of original content.

The launch of “The Out There”

Adolescent’s latest project is a scripted series on Instagram called “The Out There,” which was created by nineteen-year-old director Hannah Lehman. “The Out There” is a sci-fi themed series of 13 episodes that are each 60 seconds or less. Viewers will be able to watch the entire series right from their phones in just under 20 minutes! You can check out the series by clicking here.

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