Actor Scott McGlynn proves there is no place like home

Rising actor, Scott McGlynn has recently proved that there is no place like home no matter how busy his work schedule gets as he takes a winter stroll around his local park!

The year of 2021 is coming to a close and it has been one hectic year for Scott! He made a name for himself over on social media and with his popular podcast “Celebrity Skin Talk” where he has chatted to a number of celebrities, but since then, he has decided to take his acting career further.

Scott has recently been busy filming for some exciting upcoming projects alongside writing his brand new book, but he has still managed to take some time out to spend some time in his hometown of Cardiff, Wales. Scott recently took a stroll around the stunning Bute Park in Cardiff to relax from his busy schedule. The park is hidden away from the city’s busy high streets allowing Scott to soak up nature and take some well deserved time for himself, because as an actor things can get incredibly busy!

Scott was recently seen enjoying his own company, which is important, especially when your life is as hectic as his is. You can become so used to being surrounded by so many different people that you can forget to be alone.

Scott was also photographed treating himself to a coffee whilst he was taking his much deserved stroll around Bute Park. A coffee date, in your own company, with the beautiful views of a park must have been bliss to him as he continues to work incredibly hard on his acting career!

We are incredibly excited to see Scott’s appearances on the silver screen and we can’t wait to see more of his acting as we reach the new year.

Written by Liv Malone

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