All You Need To Know About the ABC’s of Uni Life

Come Uni Life and one is hit with the realization of survival, facing this world alone, relocating between countries  and of course studying. As if life wasn’t hard enough already to leave the dear ones, that the pressure of settling down in a new place  and making new acquaintances hits you. If you think this post is going to be on those long boring lectures of surviving University life; then you are wrong. This articles deals with the ABC’s of University Life.

So let’s start the term time dictionary!

Attendance: Though flexible but has disastrous consequences if the minimum percentage is not met with.

Balanced Life: At times, it gets really difficult to balance academics and personal commitments. The first few days might seem vague. Lost and almost like a bad dream. But, in no time one becomes a pro.

Coffee: A life saver and the only best friend while researching in the library or writing essays and dissertation. Every single person I know who is in any University is a Coffee-holic.

Discover: University means to discover yourself. It means to uncover those skills which you never knew you had. It makes you push yourself to the extreme limits (mostly for the good ).

Essays: Either individual or group work is a crucial part of term life. It is (though tough at times) the best way to research and put your voice across arguing on essential topics.

Friends: Your life support system in University is your friends. Every assignment, every essay and every post result analysis are discussed with them. You cannot forget the memories and days of enjoyment spent with your friends either.

Graduation: The day every student waits for. An honor celebrated and shared with friends, family and professors.

Hostels: Your home away from home during term time.

Internships: One of the most significant ways of practicing what you learn in theory is to get into an internship/apprenticeship.

Jobs: The never-ending search of getting into the employment sector starts from the University itself.

Knowledge: Uni days are a store-house of knowledge. You meet new people , learn new cultures, engage into in -depth analysis of everything around you. It makes you more mature as a person .

Library: It is your 3 AM friend especially before and during examinations and deadlines of assignment submissions.

Mid-Terms: Maybe your not-so-friendly times at the University where you have to sit for the mandatory examinations.

News: Keeping tab of the news is a must irrespective of whichever field you are.

Opportunities: They do knock a lot on your door through mails and career fairs. GRAB THEM!

Placements: Try to take advantage and learn from as many placements as possible.

Question Marks: Life in the Uni is full of Questions and you need to find the answers. It might be a bit baffling at the beginning but slowly you would get used to it.

Roommates: They are your saviors in times of need. Some of your closest friends are your roommates. It is indeed a blessing if you find great flatmates.

Sleepless nights: Especially before examinations and deadlines, they become your best friend.

Talents: Discovering and portraying all the talents that you have is necessary in your uni life. This would help you build an extensive portfolio.

Understanding: Yourself, Situations, Your reactions and actions helps to face any situation and handle them maturely.

Vacation: When in Uni, it is impossible to not travel with friends or alone. Make the most of all the travel plans and holidays that you have.

Wi-Fi: Social Media in the Uni is a must and Wi-Fi saves the day in the end.

Xerox: The tons of pages that needs to be Xeroxed right before the examinations.

You: At the end of the day, University is all about YOUIt is about developing you as a person, making you fit to face the world and stand on your feet. It is an educational and developmental process without which every individual is incomplete.

Zero: The nightmare marks which no one wants to get EVER!

I hope you liked the dictionary of Uni Life. Please feel free to add-on to it.

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