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A round up of our favourite 2019 April Fools’ Day pranks

Today is April 1, aka April Fools’ Day. All over the world, people have been trying to pull their best pranks, ranging from the ridiculous to the almost believable.

Now that it’s the end of the day, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite April Fools’ Day efforts for your enjoyment.

Celebrity Love Island

Heat Magazine kicked off the jokes this morning with news of a new Celebrity Love Island this summer. We were promised a wild line up including the likes of Vicky Pattison, Gemma Collins, Lewis Capaldi, Callum Best, Jordyn Woods and Miranda Hart, with many of the celebrities getting involved by sharing the news on their social media. Sadly we won’t be seeing the likes of the GC and Lewis Capaldi getting a text and finding love in the villa this summer…we’re genuinely gutted about this one!


British Transport Police bans smelly food

Now here’s an April Fool which definitely should be true. The British Transport Police announced this morning that smelly food including eggs, fish, and fast food would be banned on board trains, trams and tubes across Britain’s rail network.

Inspector Pete Pong (haha) announced that those caught eating the banned items could face a penalty fare of up to £2,000. Sadly we’re still going to have to put up with people’s smelly snacks on the train as this was just a (pretty damn good) prank.


McDonald’s milkshake sauce pots

Those who enjoy dipping their fries into their milkshake at McDonald’s were left delighted this morning when the company revealed that new milkshake sauce pots would be available from today. Whilst it promised to be available in vanilla, strawberry, banana and chocolate flavours, thankfully it was just a wind up.


This Morning pranks Holly Willoughby

On today’s This Morning, Philip Schofield pranked the public and presenter Holly Willoughby with a makeover from hell. ‘Carol’, who was actually an actress called Amy, broke down in tears after being left unhappy with her makeover.

She later left in a car with her husband for the second half of her prize, with the car smashing into the side of the studio. Poor Holly was completely horrified, but was soon put out of her misery as Phil revealed that it was all just a hilarious and well pulled off April Fools’ Day prank.


Tinder’s Height Verification

Tinder presented their April Fool attempt a few days early in the form of an apparent new ‘height verification’ option on their app. Yes, for those of you who are fussy about your future partner’s height, Tinder teased that users would need to input their true, accurate height, with a screenshot of themselves standing next to any commercial building and then Tinder would do the rest and verify your height.


Walkers Tallbread Shortbread

On the subject of height, Walkers Shortbread unveiled a new range of pure butter Tallbread, foot long sticks of shortbread which are perfect for the vertically blessed among us. Whilst it was just a joke, we would definitely welcome 30cm of delicious shortbread goodness!


BBC Hounds

In the first of two pranks from the BBC, first thing this morning they revealed that BBC Sounds would now be available for pets as well as people, with a range of radio stations, podcasts and mixes aimed specifically at pets. Whilst many saw through the prank, others actually thought it was a good idea as they already leave the radio on for their pets.


Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper world tour

We’re highkey raging that this isn’t true! MTV announced that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper would be embarking on A Star Is Born world tour, and we were more than ready to part with our money. However, the evil bunch at MTV were only joking with us.


BBC iPlayer’s Skip the Sex button

We received a great email this morning about BBC iPlayer’s new Skip the Sex Button. Fed up of awkwardly watching sex scenes with your parents, or worried that someone is watching over your shoulder whilst watching iPlayer on your phone on public transport? The Skip the Sex button would allow you to skip past all moments which could make you feel embarrassed. Sadly we’re still going to have to cringe our way through these awkward moments with our parents…


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