A Guide to Choosing the Right Pen

When shopping for school supplies and stationeries, it is important for you to choose the right pen to add to your collection. It is important for any student to be experimental with their pen to decide what type of pen would suit their writing style the best. Or, if you are required to take notes in a classroom, you should keep a pen in your collection that would allow you to take notes and create lists without creating any fuss on the paper. Also, a good quality pen should feel comfortable to hold and to write with. 

However, many students tend to get confused when it comes choosing the right pen, so they end up buying low-quality pens. The following guide will help you with choosing the right pen for yourself or for a friend:

Picking ink type

Most schools require their students to use ballpoints, whereas, certain schools strictly advise their students to use a fountain-ink pen. However, if you are buying a pen for personal preferences, you can choose from the following three types of ink:

Gel Pen: Gel pens are famous amongst high school students, and it allows them to create notes in a fun and creative way. Gel pens come in various colors and finishes, and its 1.100m thickness allows you to write notes smoothly and effortlessly. 

Rollerball pen: Rollerball pen is famous amongst high school and college students, and it is often considered as a cost-effective alternative for gel pens. Rollerball pens are designed to help you take notes at a high speed, and it is also recommended to people that are likely to use their left hand for taking notes. 

Liquid Ink Pen: If you want to buy a pen with flowing ink then, you should absolutely buy a liquid ink pen for yourself. 

Choosing pen stick

When choosing a right pen, you are likely to nitpick the intrinsic features of a pen then. It is important to evaluate its stick type to ensure you are getting your money’s worth. You can choose between a retractable pen and pen with a standard cap; however, if you are not careful with keeping your pens and stationeries in one place then, you should absolutely opt for a retractable pen. It is more feasible to use, and you can store it in your pencil case without losing its cap.

Choosing nib type

A nib is the top section of the pen that disperses ink onto the paper. Certain pen users have specifications when it comes to choosing a pen based on its nib. For instance, a rollerball pen sports the most common type of nib. On the contrary, foundation pens tend to have a slightly slanted nib, and it is best suited for students who are habitual of writing in cursive handwriting. Also, you should be familiar with the thickness of the nib according to your preferences.

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