A brand new Canadian makeup brand has launched and we’re excited

Finding new cosmetics companies is always great fun, especially if it’s local to our country and gives back to the community and the environment. LB Cosmetics does both of those things and more, and today we’re giving you an introduction into their history, company ethos, and products.

An introduction to LB Cosmetics

After being born to poor immigrants in North America, LB struggled to make ends meet. The family never had enough money to buy they things they needed, and life was tough. Of course, LB’s parents worked very hard to provide for the family, and thankfully, that encouraged a strong work ethic within the now-entrepreneur. Indeed, LB spent a lot of her time dreaming of becoming independent and being able to rise out of poverty. As a child, she couldn’t see a way forward, but over time began to see that she must make her own way in life, and go at it on her own.


LB moved away from her family home and started her first company aged just 23, making handmade soaps and cosmetics. She admits that she had no idea what she was doing at the time, but that she was free to explore all of her options and see what worked. She made all of the products by herself, and more importantly, made the decisions about her business and the way she lived her life. Encouraged by her determination, she decided to go to University to learn how to become an entrepreneur and studied natural skincare amongst other courses.

She quickly learned how to create her own products, experimenting when she wasn’t at college on creating her own makeup and other cosmetics. And after seeing just how much other people loved her work, she decided to create her own beauty line, LB Cosmetics.

Great company ethos

One of the reasons why LB Cosmetics stands out from the crowd is passion. The founder says that she “has the great honor of providing customers with products rooted in the philosophy of bringing out the best in everyone we meet,” and that through sourcing ethical products and participating in local charities and events, she can give back to the community and make the world a better place.

One of the company’s ultimate goals is to empower women, and create products that celebrate diversity, give women more confidence in their appearance, and more.

Carefully sourced ingredients

We’re more concerned about what we’re putting onto our skin than ever before – and we want to ensure we’re not damaging the environment when choosing beauty products.

The truth is that a lot of our favorite beauty products are jam-packed with synthetic chemicals, are tested on animals and are created using unfair labor practices. That simply isn’t good enough.

LB Cosmetics takes that worry away, as every product is made from local manufacturers in Canada, all of which are cruelty-free, paraben free, hypoallergenic, allergy-tested and non-comedogenic.


In simple terms, all the good stuff, and no unnecessary preservatives or chemicals that can irritate our skin and cause long-lasting damage to our oceans and rainforests, so we can sleep easy knowing we’re giving back to the planet when we buy from them.

Find out more about LB Cosmetics on their official website, or check out their Instagram feed.

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