9 Things To Do With A Blank Notebook

Notebooks… We get some of them as presents, and we buy many of them in shops for something, because they’re so pretty! Then when we realize we have nothing to fill them with we put them away in the bottom of our desk drawer.

Sometimes we take them and wonder how many things we could write into them… Let’s change it in 2017! No, you don’t have to stop stepping into the paper shops, but you have to stop this harmful collecting.

Let’s start actually using these incredible things to what they are really for – no, they are not meant to gather dust! Here are some of our ideas for you. Check them out and see what all you can do with a blank notebook.

1. Classic diary-writing


Not just one study proves that diary-writing has positive effects on your physical and mental health. After the “Dear Diary” greeting, you can write down the daily happenings, your feelings, your thoughts and your state of mind, while you actually start a serious process of self-discovery. Also, we have heard that those who keep a diary are more successful and more creative. So why not start right now?

2. Write one sentence per day


This one is diary-writing for those who lack in time – you can write every day just one sentence in your notebook, it’s really not much, you can do it! What can be the sentence? It can be a quote, a lyrics, a note about what you heard on that day, a thought, anything really that sums up your day in short. Believe us if we say that it’s great to look back to these sentences after a while.

3. Write Morning Pages


If you can sit down and write a lot anytime, then Julia Cameron’s book titled “The Artist’s Way” has got a message to you. Namely, according to the book, if we write three pages every morning we’ll have a clearer mind, better ideas and much less anxiety. Is it true? The short answer is ‘Yes’. Just sit down, start writing and do not stop it until you reached the bottom of the third page. Write about your problems, plan your day, write about how you slept or what you dreamed of. Just let your thoughts flow freely, and fill out that three page every morning. Just like the classic diary-writing, it helps you to get rid of the things that cause stress.

The bedrock tool of a creative recovery is a daily practice called Morning

4. Collect quotes


Why not use your blank notebook to finally collect your favorite quotes in one place? Sometimes it happens when we hear something wise that we somehow forget to note it down, and we don’t remember it when we need it. If it happens to you, too, take this advice, and always keep a notebook with you. You don’t know when you’ll hear the wise thoughts, and it’s great if you have a notebook filled with motivational, inspirational words. You can read them on your toughest days and you’ll immediately feel better.

5. Make an Art Journal


This is the freest – and probably the most amazing form of keeping a notebook. The cherry on the cake is that you don’t even have to be a real artist! You can paint, you can draw, you can write poems… whatever comes to your mind. What’s more, you can combine our ideas: glue a photo with your daily sentence or draw for your classic diary, everything’s up to you.

6. Create your own Bucket List


Take that notebook, and fill it with every single thing, from the smallest to the biggest, what you’ve ever wanted. Travel the world, break a Guinness World Record, meet Harry Styles, write a bestseller… just to name a few examples. Remember that now, just like when you’re dreaming, there’s no such thing as impossible. Start making the list, and you can always look back and add anything that just comes to your mind. (Don’t forget to capture the moment when something from this bucket list becomes a reality!)

7. Take notes like Leonardo da Vinci


The famous painter always kept a notebook when he went somewhere in order to write down his thoughts, to draw something that he saw, etc. Later he could re-read what he wrote and remembered all the things he would have forgotten otherwise. You should do it, too! Keep a notebook always with yourself so that you’ll never forget anything important.

8. What are you thankful for?


We’ve heard it so many times that the secret to a happy life is to just focus on the good things. If you wish for a conscious life, this Gratitude Journal will definitely help. Write down every single thing that you are thankful for. Write down why you are thankful for these things. Sit down whenever you have time, maybe every night, and take at least five minutes to think of five or more things that made you happy on that day.

9. Do you have healthy habits?


Your new year’s resolution for 2017 was to become healthier, wasn’t it? It’s so easy to forget about habits that can lead us to a healthy lifestyle, but we promise you won’t forget about them if you keep a little notebook with you. Follow your training, your diet, your water consumption, and this will let you follow the process.

We hope that we could help you with these ideas. Feel free to tweet us a photo about your notebooks, and tell us what you do with them!


Written by Alexandra Nagy

I'm Alexandra from Hungary, and writing is not just my hobby - it's my passion. I'm a writer/journalist addicted to music, travelling, football, movies & books, proudly supporting Derby County Football Club. Any enquiries: abigofficial@gmail.com

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